Best time to visit Argentina

To determine when to travel to Argentina you need to take into account the expanse of this country. Each region has its own best time to travel, and its own climate, so we must take this element into account.

The best time to visit the capital is not the same as the best time to visit Patagonia; each place has different climatic characteristics. This South American country occupies a fairly large area. It contains different altitudes, all of which means it possesses a great diversity of climates.

For this reason, if you want to know when to travel to Argentina, you will first have to know what part of the country you are going to visit. The weather conditions vary, from a tropical climate in the north-eastern region to a polar climate in the southwest.

Generally speaking, if you want to visit Buenos Aires, the best time is from September to November, or from March to May. To visit Patagonia however, you should choose the months between October and April. If your destination is Tierra del Fuego National Park, in the southwest, you should travel between December and February.

That said, we could summarise by saying that the best time to visit this country is generally from April to September. However, let's see when to travel to Argentina by region.

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When to travel to Tierra del Fuego

In the south of the country, is this self-governed province of Argentina, whose capital is the well-known Ushuaia. Its situation in the south of the country, in the middle of the Patagonian region, means that it has Antarctic landscapes and is close to remarkable areas such as the Falklands.

To enjoy this landscape in all its splendour you should travel between December and March. In these months of the European winter, you can enjoy pleasant temperatures in this region. Walk on a glacier, see lakes and green forests, and enjoy the area’s rich cuisine!

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When to travel to the Iguazu Falls

If you travel to Argentina, you can’t miss the Iguazu Falls. Now, this wonder of nature located in the province of Misiones will be at its best in the winter. Therefore, the best time to travel to Argentina and visit the famous waterfalls is from April to September.

During the Argentine summer, temperatures rise considerably. On the other hand, being the low season, it will be a good option if you are looking for cheaper accommodation and more affordable prices.

When to travel to Buenos Aires

The Argentine capital has a pleasant climate, so the best time to visit is between March and May, or between September and November. Remember that when it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it is summer there, so the best months are those that are in the transition periods between seasons.

To give you an idea, the hottest months are January and February, with temperatures that can reach 30ºC. In July, however, the temperature ranges between 8ºC and 15ºC, which is relatively mild. If you want to make the most of your trip and all that Buenos Aires has to offer, it is better to travel in spring or fall.

When to travel to Bariloche

Another of the most well-known and visited areas of the country is San Carlos de Bariloche, in western Argentina. If you decide to visit this beautiful place or discover the waters of the Río Negro, it is best to travel between December and February. These months coincide with the Argentine summer, and although it is high tourist season, it is undoubtedly the right answer of when to travel to this area of the country.

On the other hand, Bariloche is the preferred winter resort for Argentines, so, between June and September, it will be full of winter sports fans. During the summer, you can enjoy exquisite lakes and beautiful beaches, as well as incredible landscapes!

When to travel to Patagonia

Patagonia is the perfect destination to discover the most exuberant nature and the most overwhelming landscapes! In this region, the best months to visit are between October and April.

In the eastern part of Patagonia, there is a semi-arid desert climate, and in winter the temperatures are extreme. Therefore, it is not ideal to visit this area from July to September, because you will encounter lots of snow and ice. For this reason, if you want to visit Tierra del Fuego or Torres del Paine National Park, it is best to go during the austral spring.

If you decide to travel in summer (January, February and March), the weather will be great, but it is also high season. This means that you will have to share the natural sights with other tourists and the prices may be higher.

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