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Shopping in Madagascar

Shopping in


Shopping in Madagascar

If you are looking for souvenirs from Madagascar you should read this.

Maybe you don't have any idea ​​what to buy in Madagascar, well, you should know that in this huge African island, craftsmanship is quite original. Natural fibres, as well as recycled cans and serve as raw material to make many practical and decorative objects, as well as the recycling of cans and plates.

Perhaps one of the most famous traditional products to buy in Madagascar is vanilla. Great chefs favour the vanilla from this, not only for adding flavour to desserts, but also fish and meat.

This sought-after flavour has even led to unprecedented clashes in the African country. The value of vanilla pods is such that it is endangering the habitat where it is grown.

However, leaving this subject, in addition to vanilla, Madagascar is famous for a large amount of other souvenirs, including baobab seeds, raffia, essential oils, crafted wood, coffee and recycled objects.

From all of these, we will see below which typical Madagascan products are most popular with travelers.


Baobab Seeds

One of the typical things to buy in Madagascar as a souvenir of the country are the seeds of the famous Baobab tree. Many tourists take a small bag of seeds from this giant tree, which will take up to three years to germinate and flaunt all of its splendor. While it requires great patience to see the result of the memory of your travels, it is worth the wait.


Antemoro Paper

Madagascar's famous Antemoro paper has a grainy appearance, is an off-white and often dried flowers are embedded in its finish. Its origin dates back to the seventh century from the hands of Arab immigrants. With this paper you can buy envelopes and letter paper, covers for books, agendas, etc. Its manufacturing follows the oldest artisan procedures.


Zafimaniry Crafts

The Zafimaniry are an ethnic group in southeastern Madagascar, and are known for being skilled wood craftsmen. In their vast repertoire of works of art you can find the most exquisite products typical of Madagascar. Chess games, wooden figures, sculptures, chests, blowguns amongst many others will make your choice very difficult. Not in vain, the work of the Zafimaniry has been included as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.



Other souvenirs to buy in Madagascar are objects made from vegetable fibers. Generally artisans use raffia, palm and reed to make hats, baskets, and all kinds of household utensils. With these natural materials they make beautiful decorative and practical objects that can be made into a magnificent travel gift.


Artisan Gems and Stones

Gems such as colomite, rose quartz, labradorite and rock crystal are typical products to buy in Madagascar, in the form of ashtrays, polished balls, eggs, and many other decorative objects. With these beautiful semi-precious stones, artisans craft all kinds of objects by hand as a form of Madagascan souvenir.


Musical Instruments

If you like music, what better souvenir than a flute, a drum set or a traditional Madagascar zither. Bamboo is the main raw material with which artisans make extremely varied musical instruments, which are used in most of the country's festivals and ceremonies.


Tin Objects

If there is one quintessential souvenir to buy in Madagascar, it is something made from recycled tin. With empty cans and sheets, an emerging craft trade has grown, the materials of which are used to create handcrafted toys, jugs, goblets, showers, and lots of objects both for everyday and decorative use. Undoubtedly one of the most ecological and original souvenirs you can find in this country.


Essential Oils

In addition to all of the above, essential oils are another of the most original souvenirs to buy in Madagascar. Cinnamon, ginger and helichrysum essential oils are unique for their quality and aroma. It is not only the perfect gift for the most demanding friends and family, but also an exquisite souvenir from your trip.


Madagascan Coffee

The star of all traditional products to buy in Madagascar is undoubtedly their coffee. Nothing more, nothing less, it is the most expensive coffee in the world. A treat for the palate The Robusta and Arabica varieties are a treat for the palate, with the Robusta being of the highest quality, which is mostly exported to Europe, especially to France.

With all this, now you know the traditional products from Madagascar, it will be easier for you to choose the perfect vacation souvenir during your trip.

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