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Your friend Maggie wants to share their passion for travel by giving you a $100 discount on your first booking with Exoticca!

When you book with us, the friend who referred you will also receive $100 in Exoticca credit, so you can help them travel for less too!

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Have a question about how our program works?

If you've been invited to Exoticca by a friend, when you make your first booking with us, your $100 discount will be available in your Exoticca Wallet and can be used as a payment method during the online checkout process. If you'd prefer to sign up and purchase a trip via our Call Center, simply let the agent know you have been referred by a friend and provide the unique referral code sent to you by your friend.
Yes, now you can start sharing your unique referral code and earn credit by inviting new friends to Exoticca.
If you've been invited to Exoticca by a friend, your $100 discount credit is valid for 90 days from the moment you first create an account with Exoticca.
Check out our complete Q&A section for further details.Click here to see full details of our referral program terms & conditions

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