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    Best time to visit the Baltic States

    The best time to travel to the Baltic States depends on what you plan on doing during your stay. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have a mild continental climate and being surrounded by sea, the temperatures differ greatly between inland areas and coastal regions.

    Being situated at a northern latitude, summers are short and mild, and the temperatures don’t rise much above 18ºC, despite daylight hours of up to 19 hours during the height of summer. Winters, on the other hand, are long and quite cold. The average temperature is 5ºC but on the coldest days, it can drop to -30ºC!

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    Best time to visit Latvia

    The best time to travel to Latvia is between April and September when the weather is at its most pleasant. July and August are the high season months, so it is worth booking in advance.


    It is worth coinciding your trip with the most popular festivals. The celebrations of St John are very specific to Latvia and it is a chance to try typical products such as cheeses, cakes and a wide range of beers. In Riga, in June, there is an arts and crafts fair. In July and August, there are different festivals celebrating both traditional and modern music.

    Swiss Latvia

    If you want to get to know the region of Sigulda, known as “Swiss Latvia”, it is best to do so between April and September. That way you will have enough hours of daylight to visit all of the medieval castles, the Gauja National Park and the legendary caves of Viktors and Gutmanis.

    Riga and historical cities

    The sunny days of spring and summer are ideal for wandering the streets of Riga and other charming cities. The large squares are filled with cafe terraces and take on a lively atmosphere.


    The best time to travel to the Baltic States is when you can make the most of its wild nature. The forests are lush and possess incredible biodiversity. They are inhabited by a wide range of species, such as moose, bears and beavers. Furthermore, there are numerous footpaths to explore the region's historic castles. To make the most of Latvia's vibrant fauna and flora, it is best to visit between April and September.

    Sports trip

    If you want to enjoy snow sports, travel in winter. Lovers of skiing and other winter sports have a variety of options across the country's different resorts. In the summer, canoeing and mountain biking are popular activities.

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    Best time to visit Estonia

    Travelling to Estonia at Christmas is a magical experience, worth waiting for! Just be prepared for the chilly temperatures. If you are someone who feels the cold, you might prefer to visit between May and September. At this time the temperatures are very mild, and many interesting festivals take place.

    The festivals

    Every three years, in July, there is a folklore festival in Tallinn called “Baltic”. Despite this, it is the celebrations and markets of the Christmas period that are most famous, making it one of the best times to visit Estonia.


    Estonians are great fans of water sports such as canoeing, diving, sailing and rowing. Perfect places to enjoy these sports are the Endla Nature Reserve and the Soomaa National Park. The best time for doing sports in Estonia is between May and September.

    Nature and Natural Parks

    This country is perfect for fans of ornithology. It is home to a famous bird sanctuary situated in the bay of Käina. Matsalu Nature Reserve is also an observation area with numerous different bird species. Between May and September is the best time to visit. Furthermore, in Estonia's forests, you can spot eagles, black storks and flying squirrels.

    Best time to visit Lithuania

    Spring and summer are the best seasons to get to know Lithuania, particularly between May and September. The thaw occurs in April and it can be a little messy due to the large amounts of mud. If you want to enjoy the white winter scenery, opt to visit this country between November and March.


    On the 4th of March, St Casimir is celebrated, a very important festival in Lithuania. In May there is a theatre festival in Vilnius and in June and July concerts and music festivals are organised. If you travel in autumn you can experience All Saints Day, a very popular festival in the country.


    The best time to travel to the Baltic Republics and enjoy the snow is in winter. Lithuania is home to the beautiful Aukštaitija National Park, where you can take part in activities such as ice skating, sledging or skiing. Spring and summer are best for canoeing, bike riding or swimming.


    In spring and summer nature is in its full splendour and you can make the most of the long days to travel to places such as the Curonian Spit, fishing villages and pine forests. Furthermore, it is the perfect season for spotting different species of animals in their natural environment. The Kuršių Nerija National Park and the shores of Žuvintas Lake are perfect spots to immerse yourself in Lithuania's natural landscapes.

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