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Best time to visit Russia

If you have not yet decided when to travel to Russia, you should know that its reputation for cold weather is justified. However, despite the low temperatures, it is a country worth visiting, at least once in a lifetime.

Best time to travel to Russia

The north and east of Russia are the coldest areas in this immense country. After the winter freeze, comes the thaw, so avoid the months between March and May if you're not prepared for a little mud. Autumn, on the other hand, is perfect for enjoying the landscapes and visiting the sights without being too cold.

If you prefer warmer weather, undoubtedly July and August are the ideal months. Keep in mind however that, precisely for this reason, this is when more tourists visit the country. If you want to travel with fewer crowds, ideally choose a departure date between September and November.

As for the climate, being such an extensive country, it can vary from arid to polar, depending on the region in question. In the most populated part of Russia, between Moscow and St. Petersburg, the temperature in winter is usually -6ºC, and in summer 19ºC.

On the other hand, temperature contrasts are also common in this country, a clear example of which is the city of Khabarovsk, with 21ºC in July, and -20ºC in January. For its part, Sevastopol in Crimea reaches 35ºC in July, the hottest month in Russia!

Continue reading to find out the best time to travel to Russia according to the region you plan on visiting.

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When to travel to St. Petersburg

To visit St. Petersburg, located in the northwest of the country, take advantage of the good temperatures of summer and autumn. On the other hand, between May and September would be the best months to visit the city. If you want to see the famous white nights celebration, you must travel in June, but keep in mind that you will be joined by a large number of tourists.

At the end of May, the temperature is 15ºC on average, and this is when the shows and concerts begin in the city. It is a good month to travel since visitor numbers are still quite low.

To visit the great museums and the opera in peace and without queues, it is best to travel in October and November. The average temperatures are between 2ºC and 11ºC, and the prices are much more affordable outside of the peak season.

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When to travel to Moscow

If you are visiting Moscow you should know that it has a humid continental climate. The winter, from December to January, records an average temperature ranging from -10ºC to 0ºC. In February the thermometer can go down to as low as -25ºC, so if you don't like the cold, do not choose this month.

During the summer, the average temperature is between 18ºC and 30ºC, with August being the warmest month. In spring, the temperatures are quite pleasant, with an average of 20ºC, and in autumn they range between -2ºC and 12ºC.

The best time to visit Moscow is during the summer, although it coincides with the high season. Remember that during the spring the melting occurs, so the streets can become quite muddy. If you don't mind a little winter chill, take advantage of the good prices and smaller crowds of autumn to visit this city.

When to travel to Lake Baikal

If you are going to include the magnificent Lake Baikal on your trip to Russia, you should know that the best time to visit is between June and August. You will have an average temperature of 18ºC throughout the summer. September can also be an appropriate month to travel to this part of Russia, because the temperature is 12ºC, so it is still favourable.

Between October and April, temperatures are much colder. The thermometer can go down to -17ºC in February, although the winter average is -8ºC. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of this lake in southern Siberia, it is better to travel during the summer.

When to travel to Vladivostok

Known as the last stop of the famous Trans-Siberian Railway, Vladivostok is a coastal city with a large number of theatres, museums and auditoriums. To enjoy all the culture and views of the bay of Vladivostok, it is best to travel during the summer, preferably between June and September.

Temperatures can reach up to 30ºC during the summer. The coldest months, on the other hand, are from November to March. During this time the minimum temperatures are -25ºC and there will be a lot of snow. In April, May and October you will have cool days, but not as cold as in winter.

To visit other Russian cities such as Sochi, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Kazan or Veliky Novgorod, choose the summer months when the temperatures are the most pleasant.

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