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    Shopping in Romania

    Shopping in


    Shopping in Romania

    If you are looking for souvenirs from Romania you should read this.

    Located in the Balkans, Romania is a country with a long tradition of craftsmanship. One of the best cities for shopping is Bucharest, its capital, where most of the national stores and international firms are concentrated. Among the typical items that can be purchased throughout the territory are handmade wooden figures.

    Also, pottery is very popular, as well as glassware, porcelain and textiles, of which rugs, embroideries and traditional clothing stand out. Another of the most valued products in Romania are cosmetics, among which the brands Pellamar and Gerovital H3 stand out.

    In the case of Bucharest, the best shopping areas are Magheru Boulevard, where a large number of stores are concentrated; Victoriei Street, for internationally renowned firms; or the Bucuresti Mall, a large shopping centre in Vitan.




    Romania is a good country in which to buy clothes, as the prices are quite cheap and in its capital, Bucharest, you can find garments from both local designers and large international firms. Some of the most common purchases are furs, synthetic or natural, hats, winter boots and outerwear since the temperatures in winter can be very low. One of the best known garments is the guba, woven in wool and embroidered at the ends with velvet. The most common colours are black and white. For women, the zadie is also very typical, a striped apron that can also be embroidered in velvet. These garments are easier to find in rural areas. The rest of Romanian fashion can be purchased at Victoriei stores, in Bucharest, or at department stores such as Magheru and in the Bucareti Mall.  



    Specialized against ageing, Romanian rejuvenating cosmetics have a great reputation within the pharmaceutical market. One of the best known is the Gerovital H3, a treatment that fights the signs of old age, psoriasis and atopic skin. They are made with the formula that was discovered by the Romanian doctor Ana Aslan and that revolutionized the beauty sector. Although it is currently possible to find them in many parts of the world, because Romania is a fairly cheap country, the prices of these items in Romanian pharmacies are very affordable. Another of the best-known local brands against old age are the products of Pellamar, also made in Romania and which can be found in many of the stores in the big cities.  



    Romanian craftsmanship is one of the most common purchases and, in most cases, the products are made by hand. Ceramics are the most iconic and can be purchased from small manufacturers in the regions of Moldova and Transylvania. Wooden crafts are also very characteristic of Romania. In the carvings, geometric forms are popular, as well as musical instruments, decorative figures and utensils. Within the crafts, the Romanians also work with porcelain, silver, embroidery and glass painted often with Byzantine motifs. A good souvenir to take home are the painted eggs, which are very typical and can be found in most stores. The price of these types of items is usually quite affordable.  



    Romania has a long tradition in textile craftsmanship, where the creation of carpets, embroideries and the typical costumes of the country stand out. This work is still the main economic support of many of the Romanians in the interior, especially women, who can be seen embroidering in many of the small shops of Transylvania or in the central areas of the country. Among the items that can be purchased are tablecloths, bedspreads, napkins, clothes and carpets, typical of the country. The latter are characterized by their geometric ornamentations and the typical tree of life, floral or animal motifs. One of the best areas to buy them is in the Oltenia region, where you can find a great variety.  

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