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Shopping in Czech Republic

Shopping in

Czech Republic

Shopping in Czech Republic

If you are looking for souvenirs from Czech Republic you should read this.

To find out what to buy in the Czech Republic, you won't have to put too much effort into it because it's a country with a great tradition that has been poured into its souvenirs. In addition, you will find picturesque items at very interesting prices.

These are some typical products from the Czech Republic that you will want to take home with you.


Czech Marionettes

Inspired by local stories and Czech legends, they are handcrafted. They come in all sizes, representing different characters. Each marionette has its own individual face and unique character. Puppetry and marionette theatre are among the country's most important emblems. If you want to delve into this tradition, visit the Puppet Museum in Pilsen.


Czech Crystal

Also called Bohemian crystal. It enjoys enormous worldwide prestige for its beauty and quality. There are several glass factories in the country where glass is blown and then hand carved to create different objects. Some luxury brands continue to provide Czech crystal luxury items to the aristocracy and royal houses. But you can also find options for humbler budgets.


Czech Garnets

Another product to buy in the Czech Republic is known as bloodstone, because of its intense red color. According to legend, this precious gem has the magical virtue of transforming sadness into joy. Authentic garnets must bear a certificate. In medieval times it was an element worn by kings and nobles, but today it is within everyone's reach and is used to decorate all kinds of jewelry and accessories.


Karlovy Vary Wafers

These wafers are a traditional and popular treat in the Czech Republic. They are giant wafers that can be found, with different flavors, in little stalls in the center of the city of the same name. They are eaten cold or hot and are also sold packaged in supermarkets to give away.



Karlovy Vary also offers its own traditional drink, which was first produced in 1807. It has a high percentage of alcohol (up to 38%) and its taste is exquisite, thanks to the quality of the city waters and the alcohol used. It also uses natural sugar and contains up to 32 different herbs and spices.


Souvenirs from the Czech Republic

There are interesting options for those who are looking for more unusual items.


Art Decor Toys

The Art Dekor shop is in the center of the capital, where you can buy unique Czech Republic souvenirs. This establishment's offer is gifts, accessories and handmade toys. Traditional colors and shapes for items of all kinds, from dolls and stuffed animals to decorative objects.


Gallery Kubista

This shop is in Prague, in a cubist house called "of The Black Madonna". In this shop-museum we find replicas of works by avant-garde artists as well as restored objects and furniture and contemporary creations with modern designs.



Qubus Design Studio was founded in 2002 by designer Maxim Velčovský whose pieces express great creativity mixed with peculiar humor. There is also room for objects that refer to the country's artisan tradition, along with more contemporary designs.


Where to buy typical products from the Czech Republic

The markets are ideal for tourists to visit during their trip and in the city of Prague, there are several of them that deserve a visit.


Havelská Trh Market

It is situated in Havelská and has an enormous variety of different products, from food such as locally produced fruits and vegetables to handicrafts made from a variety of materials. Here you can also find the traditional wooden puppets. It's a picturesque market worth visiting.


The River Town market

It is situated at number 306 of Bubenské nabrezi and it is one of the most popular markets in the capital. There's everything from food to fashion items. Keep in mind that some of the brands you find may be imitations.


Prague Flea Market

This market is in Kolbenova, in a very old huge courtyard. A variety of curious objects are shown, mostly antiques and second-hand items. You have to pay a symbolic price of less than 1€ to enter this market. This visit is a must, and you will find many things to buy in the Czech Republic.

Of course, there are also shopping areas in the more central streets of Prague where you can find boutiques and luxury brands. Just a short distance from the historic center of the city you can find shopping centers such as Arkády Pankrác, Nový Smíchov or Atrium Flora where you can spend a pleasant afternoon shopping for souvenirs from the Czech Republic.

Brno is the second largest city in the country after Prague and is the historical capital of Moravia. It is also an iconic place for shopping, especially in the popular shopping mall Galería Vaňkovka.

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