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Events and festivals in Faroe Islands

Events and festivals in

Faroe Islands

Events and festivals in Faroe Islands

Popular festivals in the Faroe Islands are dominated by music, culture and sports competitions. Although of all the festivities of the archipelago, the most important is its national holiday.

When talking about the events in the Faroe Islands, we can't group them by month since, due to the weather, most of them are celebrated during sunny periods. In this sense, May to August are the months where most of the popular festivals and festivities are celebrated in the archipelago.

For this reason, instead of month by month, we will see what the most popular festivals of the Faeroe Islands are and what they consist of. If you like music, this may be the perfect destination for you.


Á grynnuni

Also known as the Seafood Festival of Vágsbotnur, it takes place every May. This family festival is one of the most traditional festivals of the Faroe Islands and it revolves around seafood. A perfect occasion to savor the rich cuisine of the islands, and especially the most delicious recipes of the marine world.


Boat Festivals

Also during the month of May, different Festivals of the Sea take place, with boat competitions in the archipelago. The most famous are Vestmanna and Toftir. The boat race of Klaksvík also has a special reputation, which takes place during the Norðoyastevna Festival.


Culture Nights

June is the best month to enjoy the most popular festivals of the Faroe Islands in terms of music and culture. Starting on 1st June in Tórshavn, with the Culture Night, and continuing with the Blues Festival of Sorvagur from 7th to 9th June.



If you're still in this region in June, you can attend a 12-hour pop music festival, right in the heart of the capital of the Faroe Islands. It is celebrated on the last weekend of June, with views of the marina. The concerts take place along the pier and in and around the square, Vágsbotn. The backdrop of the yachts and boats bobbing in the harbor and the old multicolored warehouses which line the harbor is a perfect postcard to enjoy one of the best festivals of the Faroe Islands.


G! Festival

This musical festival is undoubtedly one of the events in the Faroe Islands which attracts the most tourists. It is celebrated from 12th to 14th July and it is the perfect time to enjoy the best local and international music. It takes place in the beautiful town of Gota, and the contrast between green landscapes and musical events is a unique experience.


Summer Festival

We continue with music, this time in Klaksvik, to attend one of the best of the popular festivals of the Faroe Islands. This festival, held in August, is known for its pop style aimed at an audience of all ages. The best international artists come together on this particular stage for three days, to fill the streets of the city with music.



The festival of Tórsfest is also worth visiting. It is celebrated in Tórshavn on the last Saturday before the national holiday of the Faroe Islands, Ólavsøka - it is a great street party with a stage erected on the main pedestrian street, Niels Finsens gøta, which shows off local and international musical talent. As you will see, the islands are a buzz of musical activity during the summer.



On 29th July, the islanders celebrate, within the calendar of popular festivals of the Faroe Islands, what has become their most emblematic festivity: their national holiday. Translated literally, the name of the party means wakefulness, as it commemorates the death in 1030 at the Battle of Stiklestad of St Olaf, who was King of Norway between 1015 and 1028.

The festival presents many outstanding cultural aspects, such as traditional Faroese dance and song ballads, concerts and art exhibitions. Chain dancing is for everyone; it is usually held in Sjónleikarhúsið, which is a theatre in Tórshavn. Another of the protagonists of the festival is the national sport of the Faroe Islands, rowing, becoming one of the highlights of the national holiday for the Faroese.

In addition to the aforementioned popular festivals, the Faroe Islands also celebrate the New Year, Holy Week, Christmas, and the typical festivities of the Christian calendar. Although more than eighty percent of the population belongs to the Lutheran church, the Catholic festivities remain national holidays.

Pack your bags and prepare to enjoy a very musical trip.

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