Events and festivals in


Events and festivals in Romania

Romania is a country full of traditions in which harvest times, the arrival of spring or the rainy season are still celebrated. However, its culture has been modernized in recent years and, currently, it offers music, theatre and film festivals with a great international projection. These are some of the most representative events and festivities in the country.


Brasov International Contemporary Theatre Festival

Held in the region of Transylvania in Brasov, this festival lasts three weeks. There are different theater sessions with works of national and international drama. It is one of the most important festivals in the city that, every year, gathers together a large number of artists and spectators.  

Bucharest Autumn Fair

The Romanian capital celebrates the beginning of autumn with this festival dedicated to Saint Demetrius the New, the patron saint of Bucharest and the region of Wallachia. The festival is organized mainly in the city museum where the traditions of the country are displayed and ethnological exhibitions are organized.  

Christmas Day

Christmas in Romania is celebrated on the same dates as other European countries. The main difference is that the person who brings gifts to the children is not Santa Claus, but Old Grandfather Christmas, the Romanian version. Also, during the month of December, there are other celebrations such as the Day of Saint Ignatius, in which a pig is sacrificed.  


Dragobete is one of the most representative traditional festivals in Romania. It celebrates love and union, as is usually done on Valentine's Day. On this day, in some localities of the country, the young people of the villages are dressed in traditional costumes and go out together to pick flowers in the woods.  

International Independent Film Festival

Also known as ANONIMUL, this film festival is one of the most important in all of Romania. It is celebrated in Sfantu Gheorghe, a city located in the Danube delta, where for a week, the best international and national cinema is screened. Each year, this event attracts numerous moviegoers to the country.


This short film festival is one of the best known in Romania since it includes directors from all over the world. It is celebrated in the city of Bucharest where, for four days, you can see the shorts that have been presented and are chosen to receive the festival's own prize. In this project, which is independent, there is also space for music and other artistic expressions.


Romania welcomes spring with its popular Martisor Festival (meaning March Festival). It is customary to buy and give a martigus, a pendant that serves as an amulet to attract good luck. It is recognisable by the colour of its rope, red and white, which symbolizes love and friendship. During that day, these gifts can be found in many of the stores and stalls in the city.  

Narcissus Festival

One of the best festivals for observing the traditions, folklore and typical customs of Romania. Although it is celebrated in many of the localities of the country, Vlahita’s festival is the best known and most lively celebration.  

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