Events and festivals in

Costa Rica

Events and festivals in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very joyful country that has a variety of festivities where you can enjoy music, dancing and gastronomy, the delights of the country.

Due to its strong Catholic tradition, many of its celebrations are related to religious holidays and include visits to churches, processions and offerings. Its cultural mix inherited from rich history is celebrated in other events associated with the past colonization, the union of the country and successful battles.

Also, the agricultural and livestock activities of the country and the precious indigenous culture are celebrated throughout the year in a number of events.

Carnival of the Annexation of Guanacaste

  This festival celebrates the annexation of the province of Guanacaste to Costa Rica, in 1824. Guanacaste was part of Nicaragua but due to the fact that Nicaragua was active in many civil wars at the time, Guanacaste’s inhabitants requested to be annexed to Costa Rica. The day is celebrated with different parties, livestock fairs, concerts, dances and bullfights.  

Costa Rica Independence Day

 This party is also celebrated throughout Central America. In Costa Rica on September 15 every year, there are nationwide displays of patriotism and the national flag is raised. The national anthem is sung throughout the country at 6 pm and there are also parades and concerts.  

Feast of La Negrita

This is another festival celebrated by the Boruca culture in which the invasion of the Spaniards is commemorated. For this, the locals paint their faces to differentiate the white colonizers and interpret the battle between the Térraba and the Boruca.  

Festival of Alajuelita

In Alajuelita, on the week of January 15, the festivities of Santo Cristo de Esquipulas, the local patron saint, are celebrated. During that week there are religious ceremonies, parades of chariots pulled by oxen and several processions that run through the city. There is also music, dances and bullfights in the traditional tico style.

Festival of the Little Devils

This traditional festival of Boruca culture, one of the indigenous peoples of Costa Rica, is celebrated at the end of February in the town of Rey Curre. The party originates from the conquest of Costa Rica by the Spanish and during the celebration, people wear elaborate makes and enjoy dances and fireworks.  

Limon Carnival

Celebrated in the town of Limón, this is the largest carnival in Costa Rica. The most striking costumes are worn and there are dances, music and tropical rhythms. This popular carnival coincides with Christopher Columbus' Discovery of America celebrations throughout Latin America, although the Costa Rican country prefers to celebrate their own carnival.  

San Jose Day

A day in celebration of the patron saint of the capital city, San José, as well as other localities of the territory. During this day several ceremonies are organized in the churches of the country. There are also pilgrimages, bullfights and different cultural activities.  

San Juan of Santamaría Day

  This day tribute to the soldier San Juan de Santamaría who became a national hero when he gave his life during the battle against the American William Walker for the freedom of his people. This act contributed to that Costa Rica won the war, although it cost him his life. On this day, concerts, parades and traditional dances are organised.  

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