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    Shopping in Bahamas

    Shopping in


    Shopping in Bahamas

    If you are looking for souvenirs from Bahamas you should read this.

    There is a long list of things to buy in the Bahamas during your trip the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.  This country forms part of the Caribbean or Antillean Islands, and with its more than 700 islands, it offers you a paradise of the most original typical products and souvenirs.

    This country, where Christopher Columbus first landed, was a Spanish colony until 1648, becoming part of the British Empire in 1718. It had to wait until 1973 for independence when the country finally managed to become free.

    The population of the Bahamas, originally formed by the Arawak indigenous people, is currently the result of mixing between Europeans and African slaves. This ethnic mix, along with the cultural mix, is what characterizes the typical products of the Bahamas.

    Within the variety of objects to buy in the Bahamas, the most typical and the ones all tourists take home, are the following:


    Straw products

    The best-known souvenirs of the Bahamas are the products made with dried palm leaves. They make baskets, sombreros, wallets, fans and many typical items of the country. Without a doubt, one of the things to buy in the Bahamas which is most representative of the Bahamian culture are these handicraft objects.

    The best place to buy these typical products is the Nassau Straw Market, and Port Lucaya Marketplace in Freeport.  


    Jewelry made out of shells

    Empty shells that are left are tasting their delicious contents on some typical menu of the Bahamas, are used to create jewelry items.  On crafts stalls and in many jewelers you will see necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other accessories made from this material.

    In addition, a type of pink colored pears is also used for jewelry which is valuable due to their rarity. If you want to surprise your friends and/or family with a unique souvenir from the Bahamas, choose a piece of jewelry with pink pearls.



    Batik fabrics are another of the typical products to buy in the Bahamas. These colorful fabrics with exquisite designs, such as corals, flowers, sea horses, etc., are weaved by hand to make unique clothing and table linen.

    You will be able to choose your gift in many of the main markets, you will see the sellers presenting their batik fabrics on the floor so that you can admire their colors and designs. 


    Pine seed dolls

    This expression of local handicrafts uses the native pine of the Bahamas which grows in the forests of Grand Bahama, Abaco, Andros, and New Providence. With the seeds of this pine tree which is native to the islands, they hand make beautiful and different dolls. If you are looking for a unique gift to buy in the Bahamas, whether for children or as a souvenir of your visit to the country, this could be a good idea.

    You will be able to find these dolls in Festival Place, a market with almost fifty different types of handicraft stalls.  You will also find them on the stalls of sellers from other markets on the islands.


    Junkanoo art

    Junkanoo is one of the most typical musical expressions of the carnival of the Bahamas but is also a culture in itself.  With clear African influences, the Junkanoo art comprises of making shiny dance outfits decorated with feathers and beads, and elaborate headdresses and masks used during the processions.

    These creations are so famous that there is an entire market of reproductions and miniatures that represent the beauty of this colorful and virtuous decorative art.  You can buy a souvenir of Junkanoo art in most of the gift shops.  


    Wood carvings

    Handmade wood carvings are another of the items to buy in the Bahamas and they are sold in the markets and souvenir shops all over the country.  You can often see the artisans on their market stalls, giving life to a new creation with their utensils, whilst they sell all types of carved ornaments and decorative wooden items.

    Within the wide range of wooden souvenirs, you will be able to find bowls, salad bowls, plates, etc., decorated with animals of delicate geometric figures.  Carvings of sea creatures like turtles and tropical fish are another of the items which are mostly sold to tourists, and one of the most typical famous products from the Bahamas.


    Rum and other products from the Bahamas

    In addition to handicrafts, one of the most typical souvenirs to buy in the Bahamas is rum.  Used to make the delicious cocktails the tourists savor by the sea, Bahamian rum is high quality.  Local specialties such as Yellow Bird or the Bahama Mama will delight your friends.

    Another option if you don’t want to buy a bottle of rum as a souvenir of the Bahamas is to buy a rum cake.  This dessert is one of the favorites of the island’s visitors, and of those who love something sweet.  Another delicacy you can buy to take home is one of the delicious and natural jams from the Bahamas.  Plan your trip to the Bahamas now!

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