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Best time to visit Ethiopia

In reality, the best time to travel to Ethiopia is any time as you can enjoy this beautiful country throughout the whole year. During the months of June, July and August, the rainy season only affects the Eastern and Western regions. The climate in the rest of the country is always good and perfect for travelling.

When to travel to Ethiopia

The advantage of this country is its year-round pleasant temperatures. To give you an idea, it is almost always around 30 degrees. As we said before, the only thing to keep in mind is to avoid the summer months in the eastern and western regions. In the southern regions, the rains come from April to September. The rest of the country enjoys warm and sunny weather.

The best time to travel in northern Ethiopia

As the north of the country holds most of the treasures of Ethiopia, there is no doubt that it is the most visited region. You can discover this corner of the world all year round, although June, July and August are considered the rainy season.

When to travel to central Ethiopia

If you want to visit the southern regions of the country, it is best to do this between October and March. It is not recommended from April to September as this is the rainy season which lasts a little longer here than in the rest of the country. Despite this, any season is perfect for travelling to the country’s central region, so you don’t need to choose a specific month.

Visiting eastern Ethiopia

If you have planned a visit to the walled city of Harar, or the town of Dire Dawa in eastern Ethiopia, perhaps travel outside of the summer months. The same stands for visits to the National Park of Awash, because you will not be able to spot wildlife as easily in the rainy season. For this reason, we recommend that you travel between September and May.

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When to visit the east and Addis Ababa

The rainy season here is in the summer, between June to August. If you want to discover the dynamic Ethiopian capital, avoid travelling in June, July and August. Take advantage of your time in Addis Ababa to discover a rarely-visited region of the country, full of villages, forests and coffee plantations. Taking the time to explore outside of the city will make your trip unique!

Apart from the seasons, when planning your journey you should also take into account the reason that brings you to this beautiful African country.

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What is the best time to go on a photographic safari in Ethiopia?

Hidden within Ethiopia are the most impressive landscapes in the entire African continent. Not just because of the nature of the landscapes themselves, such as the volcanoes and lakes, but because of the incomparable variety of wildlife! For budding photographers, you can capture the best photos if you avoid the summer months, from June to August, as the rainy season may make it challenging to spot animals in the wild. Whether you are professional or amateur, we recommend that you avoid taking a safari in summer if you want to capture the raw, untouched beauty of this country.

When is the best time to go trekking in Ethiopia?

If your passion is hiking or trekking, Ethiopia offers you incredible places to enjoy this pursuit, such as the forest trails of the Menagesha or the immense nature of the Simien Mountains National Park. The historic sights of Lalibela or the Tigray region are also well suited for trekking and long walking explorations. You can travel throughout the year to go trekking, although the rains of the summer may dampen your plans. Therefore, it is best to avoid June, July and August because of the frequently wet weather.

What are the best months for discovering the local culture?

If you are unsure about when to travel to Ethiopia to discover its culture, you should know that any time of year is perfect. If you avoid the summer rains, you are free to discover the local culture without any problems throughout the rest of the year.

Ethiopia is inhabited by different ethnicities and tribes, such as the Nuer and the Anuak, the communities of Konso, and the nomads of Afar. There are over sixteen different ethnic groups that co-exist in the Omo Valley alone, so you can only imagine the cultural diversity throughout the country.

Another point to keep in mind is that the tourist season is from January to March, so prices will rise during this time. You can travel during mid-season, which is from October to December, or in low-season, from April to September. The latter is the best time, as not only are prices lower but you will also enjoy fewer crowds and quieter sightseeing.

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