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Double Incentive Promotions Conditions

These special conditions are applicable during the period of the Special Promotion that runs from October 10th to December 11th 2023, both inclusive. The rest of the conditions of the promotion will be those described in section 18 of the General Conditions page.

Special conditions:

  • During the promotion period, customers who generate a minimum of 2 new friends invited, who purchase their first trip with Exoticca, will receive an extra travel credit, as a bonus, at the end of the promotion period.


  • To receive the additional travel credit at the end of the promotion, a minimum of two friends must book their first trip with Exoticca during the promotional period. If at the end of the promotion the number of new invited friends who purchase their first trip with Exoticca is less than 2, the credit received will only be the standard one of $100.


  • The extra credit will only be generated and sent to the customer, if the registration, creation of the new account and first purchase by the referred friend (New Customer), occurs during the period of this special promotion.


  • Previously invited friends are not counted towards this promotion. Only friends invited and with a first order generated during the promotional period, will be counted.


  • The extra travel credit that the customer will receive at the end of the promotion will be double the standard referral credit generated during the promotional period. For example, if a customer invites 3 (three) friends and 2 (two) of them make their first purchase during the promotional period, he would receive a voucher of $100 for each of them (standard referral credit), plus an extra $200 at the end of the promotion. If all 3 (three) invited friends were to buy, he would receive $100 for each one of them, and an extra $300 at the end of the promotion.


  • The extra travel credit will be sent to the customer via email within one week from the end of the promotion. The credit will be available in the Exoticca Wallet and will have a validity of 24 months.


  • Multiple referral credits may be combined with each other in the same booking. However, the maximum discount that can be used in a purchase is $500.


  • At the end of the promotion, we will combine the already accumulated and unused referral credits, with the extra credit from this promotion, into vouchers with a maximum value of $500 each.


  • Referral discounts are not cumulative with other promotions, nor are valid for the purchase of optional activities.


  • If you generate invited friends who make their first purchase before this promotion ends - 11th of December  - and during the period in which the Double Incentive promotion is also active on our website, then the additional travel credit that you will receive at the end of this promotion (for these invited friends) will be double the double incentive.

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