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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to become an Exoticca Group Champion?


Anyone who assembles a group of at least 10 or more travelers.

How do I get started?


Find out all the details of our Group Champion Program here.

Please note that bookings related to this program must be done through an Exoticca Travel Agent.

How do I earn a free spot on the group trip?


As a Group Champion, you’ll earn a free place on the group trip if you bring in a group of 10 or more travelers. You can also decide to offer the free place to any member of your group, or, you can convert the free place into a 10% discount for the whole group, including yourself. 

Can I exchange my free place on the group trip for a discount for the whole group?


Yes! You can decide to convert your free place into a discount for the whole group. Speak to one of our travel advisors for more information. 

If I don't want to travel with my group, can I save my free spot for a later date?


No, you are required to travel with your group.

Can I earn commission for organizing the group instead of a free spot?


No, you won’t be able to earn commission. 

As a Group Champion, am I expected to help out during the trip?


No. Once your trip begins, Exoticca will take care of you and your group, every step of the way.

Why should I be a Group Champion for Exoticca? 


As a Group Champion, you will earn free travel with no limits (for each 10 passengers, you’ll earn a free place on the group trip) OR be able to travel with your favorite people with great discounts.

You will receive support from specialized agents and personalization according to your group’s needs.

What happens if I can't get the minimum numbers of travelers needed to make a group?


Without at least 10 travelers on a trip, no Free Place, nor group discount will be issued. 

Will the people in my group make their own reservations?


Yes, we recommend that the passengers within the group make their own reservations  as it will be more convenient and practical for each of them to access and manage their own travel information. We will handle the logistics to make sure that the reservations are linked and you travel with your group.Please note that same flights aren't guaranteed for all the people traveling in the same group,  unless it has been requested at the time of quoting and booking, as this would depend on different factors, such as day and time of bookings, departure cities of passengers traveling in the same group etc.

Do I need to know who's traveling with me at the time of booking?


Yes, we need all full names, date of birth and passport information at the time of booking, if not, you will not be able to complete the reservation and prices will be subject to change.