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Due to the great waves of immigration over the last 200 years, the North American culture and therefore its gastronomy, is a result of the mixture and the reinvention of the culinary customs that have come together in the United States in these two last centuries.

American cuisine can be characterized as having a  diverse heritage from both the old continents, Asia and Africa, as well as great influences of the Mexican cuisine of its southern neighbours.

BBQ Ribs

"BBQ Ribs" are a popular dish at barbeques across the States. Among the many ways to prepare pork ribs, the most popular in North America is known as "St. Louis-style ribs", cut into a rectangle to later be roasted on the grill and slathered in barbecue sauce. Annually participants from all over the United States come to the town to participate in the countless contests that decide which are the best "BBQ Ribs" in the country.  

Buffalo Wings

The name of the dish comes from the city of Buffalo, in New York, where the recipe was created. In its preparation, the wings are usually covered with butter, hot sauce and other dressings according to the preferences of the chef. It is a typically American dish that is usually eaten as an appetizer. It is one of the foods that are inherently associated with great sporting events, where they are usually served accompanied by celery or a sauce known as "blue cheese dressing", made from strong blue cheese.  


It is absolutely indisputable that the United States flagship dish is the hamburger. The history of the hamburger is long and goes back to classical Rome. Through German immigrants from the city of Hamburg, from where the dish receives its name, the recipe travelled to the United States. However, the origin of the modern burger is disputed, since several North American regions claim its authorship. The first document that records this dish dates from 1834. It is a letter from Delmonico's restaurant in Connecticut. However, the first large chain of modern hamburgers, White Castle, was founded in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas, and can be found throughout the country.  

Cherry Pie

Typical of the celebrations of July 4, when cherries abound and in which Americans celebrate Independence Day, the cherry pie is one of the most traditional desserts in North America. The pie is usually served warm and accompanied by a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream.


The origins of this dish are somewhat uncertain. Although the idea that it is a Mexican dish with North American influences is widespread, there is significant evidence that the original recipe has its roots in the Spanish cuisine that the conquistadors brought to Mexico in the 16th century. Chilli is the official dish of the state of Texas and consists of a thick and quite spicy mince whose main ingredients are pork or beef, chillies and beans, although there are many variants.  


A variety of soups enriched with salt, bacon, curd, flour and milk. The recipe is originally from Ireland, where it is traditionally made from fish or seafood. The American variant, known as "Clam Chowder" is made from clams. The Boston and Mahanttan Style Chowders are two of the most popular variants. If you are ever lucky enough to travel to the United States, trying both is a good idea.  


Although originally a dish from the Netherlands, Americans have adopted this salad in their culture as if it were their own. This cabbage salad "coleslaw", is prepared in a very simple way; It is a mixture of mayonnaise with carrot and raw cabbage cut into small strips, served cold, is the accompaniment par excellence at picnics and barbecues.  


The Native American culture of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Creek tribes is the cornerstone of the cuisine of the southern American states. From these cultures arises one of the staple foods of the southern diet, corn, consumed both in flour and ground with lime to obtain the nixtamal, a dough that will be used for the subsequent preparation of cakes, tortillas or tamales. Hushpuppies are a salty dish based on starch, battered with corn flour, before being baked or fried and they are served as an accompaniment to other foods.  


Meatloaf consists of a roll of minced beef, which, mixed with egg, carrot and bread crumbs is roasted in the oven. It is one of the most common meals in the United States. Its origin can be traced back to the time of the Great Depression and later after the Second World War, it was seen as an economical dish, tasty and easy to prepare during these 2 periods of difficulties and shortages in which meat came to be rationed in some parts of the country.  

Thanksgiving Day Turkey

Also known as "the Day of the Turkey"; Thanksgiving is a celebration that, although of a secular nature, has a religious origin and whose roots come from the seventeenth century. It is a celebration in which, according to its origins, Americans and Canadians give thanks to God for the annual harvest. The highlight of the day is a turkey roasted in the oven and accompanied by a cranberry sauce.  

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