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If you are looking for souvenirs from Slovenia you should read this.

Slovenia stands out for its contribution to the field of design. This can be seen both in the garments of Slovenian fashion houses, most of them concentrated in the capital, and in articles of craftsmanship or the furniture that is sold in the decoration stores. Some products such as ceramics, glassware, lace, goldsmithing and wooden items have a long tradition, as people have crafted these goods since ancient times in many of the small towns that dot the countryside. Today, many of these items can be found in the Ljubljana flea markets, where numerous relics are found; as well as in the most exclusive stores of shopping centres such as Nama, Maximarket and BTC City. In the gastronomic sector, Slovenia stands out for producing some of the best European wines. These can be purchased in the wineries themselves or in the different wine shops spread throughout Slovenia.



Slovenia has a large number of artists who currently exhibit their works in the galleries found in the fashionable streets of Ljubljana and Maribor. Some of the best known are Hest, Ars or the Laura Etno Galerija store, in the capital. In all of the galleries, as well as being able to contemplate Slovenian art, you also have the option to purchase any pieces that appeal to you.


Slovenia has a large number of established and innovative designers and you can find their creations in boutiques across the country. Some of the best-known firms are those of Akultura, Cliché, Almira Sadar, Draž and Ana Jelinič. Also, the popular Marjeta Grošelj designer handbags are among some of the featured items sold in Ljubljana, the country's capital.  In addition, Trgovina Ika also has different collections from lesser known young designers.


Slovenia has a variety of craft items with a long tradition. One of the best known are Majolkes, ceramic jugs used to drink wine. All of them can be found in the souvenir shops that are scattered throughout the country, as well as in designer decoration stores where different styles of the best national artists are shown. The pieces made with Ribnica wood are also very popular, as well as the Idrija lace and the glassware items, where Steklarna Rogaška's designs stand out.


Goldsmithing in Slovenia has a long tradition, and the country has been crafting its own jewellery since the mid-fifteenth century. One of the most well-known firms that have been working in goldsmithing since 1844 is the Zlatarna Celje chain, which has stores spread throughout the country. In it, you can find design pieces made from silver and gold. Also, do not miss a visit to Zlato Runo, specialists in silver, this workshop is one of the few that continue to make jewellery by hand.  

Sea Salt

The Slovenian town of Piran, considered one of the most beautiful on the coast, is known for having large salt plots where the most consumed salt in the country is produced. Among them are Sečovlje, where you can learn about how salt is manufactured as well as in Strunjan. Nationwide there are small shops specializing in the sale of local salt and it is easy to find in many of the food shops in Ljubljana.  

Slovenian Wine

Wine and spirits are part of the Slovenian culture. Numerous wineries are located throughout the country, which is responsible for producing internationally renowned wine. Some of the best known are those found in the areas of Goriška Brda and Carso. The producer  Aleš Kristančič has a wine bar on the ground floor of Ljubljana Town Hall. Although many of these wines can be purchased in the wineries themselves, some of the best stores in the capital to taste them and take away a bottle are Balthazar Krasevka and Snopc O'tecca.  

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