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Slovenian gastronomy is strongly influenced by the Balkan region and its neighbouring countries of central Europe and Italy. Due to its geographical location - among green valleys - the country is rich in meat, both beef and game. Generally, many of the typical dishes are accompanied by vegetables grown locally, as well as potatoes or Ajdovi žganci, a mash similar to Italian polenta to which wheat flour and pork rinds are added. The climate also influences Slovenian cuisine, where stews and soups of meat and vegetables abound, thought to keep the people warm in the cold winters. Additionally, Slovenia also has numerous unique sweet dishes.


Ajdovi žganci

Ajdovi žganci, better known as simply žganci, is another national dish of Slovenian cuisine. It is made up of a pureed polenta and buckwheat flour to which pork rinds are added to give it a little flavour. It is not usually eaten as a stand-alone dish, but usually accompanies other Slovenian delicacies such as stewed meats or sausages.


Although the origins of goulash are Hungarian, this is one of the most popular dishes in Slovenia. In fact, it can be found on almost every restaurant menu. Goulash is a meat stew served with potatoes and parsley, all together in the same pot. It is a simple dish that is a home-cooking favourite in most homes in the Balkans and Central Europe.  

Idrijski žlikrofi

This dish is known for being one of the culinary specialities of the town of Idrija, in Slovenia, and during the nineteenth century, the dish gained popularity to become a national favourite. The dish is made up of small pieces of pasta stuffed with potatoes and served as an accompaniment to meat.  


This popular soup is one of the national dishes of Slovenia, so it can be found on the menu in any of the restaurants in the country. In addition to containing different types of vegetables, Obara is characterized as containing a variety of offal. Due to its long tradition, this dish is commonly served during ceremonies or on national holidays.  

Prekmurska Gibanica

Prekmurska Gibanica is one of the most popular and traditional desserts of Slovenia which can be found on dessert menus in all restaurants throughout the country, although it is especially popular in the Istrian area. It is a layered pastry dish which contains poppy seeds, walnuts, apples and raisins.  


One of the most traditional dishes of Slovenia is Štruklji, especially in its capital, Ljubljana. It is made of rolls of fine dough made with butter, cheese and eggs, battered in bread crumbs. Generally, they are then baked. The Štruklji are served as an accompaniment to game dishes and usually sprinkled with a special sauce.  

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