Events and festivals in


Events and festivals in Jordan

Festivals in Jordan are often of a religious nature. Like its neighboring countries, many of its holidays are marked by the Islamic calendar, so some international events such as the New Year have different dates. The country also celebrates Ramadan, as well as all the events related to the Qur'an and its protagonist the prophet Muhammad. Other festivities have political origins, such as Independence Day, which celebrates the end of British rule and the end of Transjordan, as the country was known during the occupation. In its main cities such as Petra, Jerash or Amman, the capital, it is also common to find cultural events where you can enjoy the country's traditions.

Day of the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad

  During this day the celebrations revolve around the birth of Muhammad, the prophet responsible for spreading and consolidating Islam in Muslim countries. To celebrate it, the believers go to their mosques where they pray several times a day to Allah. The date varies according to the year and this day is celebrated in all Islamic countries.  

Day of the Sacrifice

Called, in Arabic, Eid al Adha, this feast is related to the sacrifice that Abraham prepares to make of his son to God. This passage is recorded both in the Old Testament and in the Koran. Therefore, during this day there is a custom of sacrificing an animal, usually a lamb.  

Festival of Jerash

The Jerash Festival is one of the biggest events in Jordan. It has been held in the homonymous city for more than 30 years. It is a cultural festival, so during the week there are shows of traditional dances of the country, concerts, photography exhibitions and poetry readings. It involves both national and international artists.  

Islamic New Year

Muslim countries celebrate their New Year the first day of the Hegian or Islamic calendar, which is the moment of the emigration of the prophet Muhammad from Mecca to the Medina. Although it is not an especially religious day, all the mosques remain open and the songs of the believers can be heard throughout the day.  

Jordan Festival

The Friends of Jordan Festivals association is responsible for organizing a series of secular and cultural events every year in Amman, the Jordanian capital. During the month of September at the City Citadel they offer a broad agenda of musical performances by both national and international artists.  

Jordanian Independence Day

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan celebrates every May 25th, with parades and official acts, to commemorate its independence from Great Britain in 1946. Before that date, the country was known as Trans-Jordan and was ruled, during the subsequent years of its self-determination, by King Abdullah I, who was assassinated in 1951. A fact that until a few years ago was also remembered with solemn acts in the capital.


Held in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, Ramadan is one of the most important holidays in the Islamic world. Throughout this month, believers fast during the day, from dawn until the sun goes down, at which time they can then eat and drink. There are also several prayers a day in mosques and events dedicated to the Muslim community.  

Shopping Festival

Since 2016 Jordan organizes a shopping festival where stores offer large discounts and cities are filled with markets with products of all kinds, just as it is celebrated in other cities such as the United Arab Emirates. The idea of ​​the initiative is to promote the country's products and promote shopping tourism.

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