Events and festivals in

South Africa

Events and festivals in South Africa

The colonial past of South Africa has left its mark on many of its celebrations. The locals have a special day to commemorate the end of apartheid, without forgetting the bloody day in 1976 which took the lives of hundreds of black children who fought for equality in education.

The country also commemorates its first democratic elections, at which time Nelson Mandela is honoured for being the first black president of the country, in addition to the multiculturalism that has been shaping the country ever since. Among its most important dates, there is also space for music since South Africa has some of the best rock and jazz festivals and art festivals.

Cape Town Jazz Festival

This prestigious festival is considered one of the best in the world. In it every year a number of local and international artists of the likes of Cuban saxophonist Wayne Shorter, Youssou N'dour or Patricia Barber, among others, come together. The festival takes place in the Convention Center of Cape Town, where there are usually more than five stages.  

Diversity Day

On this day the racial and cultural diversity that make up the country is celebrated. In the different cities, there are concerts and shows and people gather in the parks to enjoy their own barbecues, one of the most important elements of this day.

Freedom Day

On April 27, South Africa celebrates the anniversary of its first democratic elections organized in 1994. These marked the consolidation of the end of apartheid and the rise to power of Nelson Mandela, the first black president of the country.  

Goodwill Day

Known as the Mutual Understanding Day, it is an extension of Christmas in which the locals go out to the beaches to share the day with their family and friends. This festival has a colonial origin as this was when the English took the day off to enjoy their Christmas gifts.  

Oppikoppi Festival

Since 1994, this music festival has been held near the city of Northam in South Africa. Although the main style is rock, there are also hip hop, jazz, metal, electronic and house concerts. Every year important artists, both local and international, come to celebrate and play at the festival.  

Splashy Fen

Since 1990, near Underberg, the largest outdoor music festival in South Africa has been held. It is attended by artists from around the world related to music, performances and the arts. The venue is covered in stages and there are different food and drink stalls  

Worker's Day

This day is a national holiday in South Africa, so many of the stores are closed and people spend time with their families and friends. It was first celebrated in South Africa in 1994 and has its origins in the Trade Unions campaigns for fair employment legislation.  

Youth Day

It is one of the most important days of the year, as it commemorates the death of more than 500 black students at the hands of the police in the city of Johannesburg, in 1976, when they went out to demonstrate for their rights as students and for racial equality. Although the party has a sad background, this day marked the beginning of the end of apartheid.  

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