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What to see in French Polynesia


Known as the sister island of Tahiti, due to its proximity, Moorea is one of the volcanic islands of the archipelago of the Society Islands. Its mountainous profile, where you can count up to eight valleys, has plantations of pineapple, grapefruit and avocados, which abound in their local markets. To the north of the island are the two great bays known as the location that James Cook docked his boat in 1777. According to legend, it was originally a single bay, although a huge lizard divided it into two with its tail. This story is implicit in the name of Moorea, which means "golden lizard" in the local language.

The best place to enjoy its incredible views of both coasts is the Belvedere Viewpoint. Moorea is known for honeymoon tourism, like other islands in French Polynesia. The coast has resorts with a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking trails through the valleys, diving, sailing and visits to the lagoon where the traveller has the opportunity to feed the local rays and sharks.

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