Events and festivals in


Events and festivals in Cambodia

Most of the festivities and events held in Cambodia are related to the history of the country. Many are celebrations of its great Khmer Empire, which had its capital in the most coveted ruins of Southeast Asia: Angkor. Cambodians also celebrate the cycles of nature, for example, a great feast is held to give thanks to Mother Earth after the harvest. Faithful followers of the Buddhist religion, Cambodians also have special dates for Buddhist celebrations, as well as commemorations of the King’s anniversary, the declaration of the national constitution and a remembrance of the country’s independence from French occupation.


Angkor Empire Marathon

As its name suggests, it is an annual marathon that is organized in the heart of the famous temples of Angkor and in which many people participate. Its name is due to the Khmer Empire, the most important one that ruled in the old country. The race takes place from the end of the 20th century and runs through one of the most beautiful landscapes in Cambodia.  

Angkor Photo Festival

A celebration held next to the famed ruins of the ancient Khmer Empire, the Angkor Photo Festival is one of the largest photography festivals in Southeast Asia. You have the chance to see several exhibitions and take part workshops to improve your camera skills and learn how to take the perfect shot. It’s a great platform for local artists to share their work.  

Constitution & Coronation Day

A new constitution was promulgated in Cambodia on 21 September 1993. Only three days later, on September 24 of that same year, King Norodom Sihanouk regained the throne of the country after the new elections. During these three days, the end of the Cambodian genocide is celebrated. It is a holiday all over the country.  

Feast of Sowing

Also called the Royal Plow Ceremony, on this day Cambodia begins the season of sowing and planting crops. For the inhabitants, the real oxen have a fundamental role in the result of the harvests at the end of the year. Although the festival is held in different locations in the country, in the capital is where you will see the most impressive displays of men and women dressed in traditional dress and various livestock roaming the streets.  

Khmer New Year

The New Year Khmer is the most important holiday in Cambodia. It lasts about three days and in those days the new year is welcomed in a religious way, according to Buddhism. On the first day, families and believers visit the main temples to light candles. In the second, the Buddha statues are washed with water to bless them, while on the last day water is also present in the streets, where people get wet and a great party ensues.  

Pchum Ben Day

This religious festival which takes place in October culminates on the 15th day of the Khmer calendar. It commemorates the return of the ancestors, those who are gone and whose spirits return to celebrate these days with the family. Cambodians visit the different pagodas of the country to give offerings and they all wear white clothes.

Victory Day

Victory Day in Cambodia celebrates the rising up of the population against Khmer Rouge’s genocidal regime. During the day, there are several ceremonies where the value of the combatants is extolled and triumph and freedom are celebrated. Although there are events throughout the country, most of them are concentrated in the capital of Phnom Penh.  

Water Festival

This is one of the most important festivals in Cambodia and it attracts thousands of people from all over the world. More than 400 boats complete with each other on the lake of Tonle Sap, which connects with the Mekong Delta. There are also live performances and concerts  

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