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If you are looking for souvenirs from Brazil you should read this.

The country of samba, football and Carnival is one of the great destinations of South America to go shopping. Rich in artisan products - where wood, clay, stone and lace are abundant - Brazil is full of exclusive products and design for all tastes. This is where the popular Havaianas were born, the sandals that became fashionable in the 90s and that years later have gained international recognition.

Pareos, gaucho hats and T-shirts are some of the items that can be found in the markets of Ipanema or the popular Copacabana. In terms of jewellery, Brazil has numerous mines where a variety of precious stones are extracted. Quartz, emerald or beryl can be found in many of the country's jewelry. Although, undoubtedly, one of the most common purchases is the legendary shirt of the national soccer team, present in almost all stores in the country.

Although Brazil is not a particularly cheap country, its great diversity will make shopping enjoying. Some cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia and São Paulo have large avenues and shopping centers.



In large cities such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador de Bahía you can find large shopping centers with international branded clothing. However, the best way to get closer to the fashion of the country is to visit the many street markets that are located along the coast, since it is where you can find many of the typical items such as pareos, present in all the beaches; the white blouses that are used in the baianas, the traditional suit; aguaje necklaces and anklets; as well as the typical hats of the gauchos of Rio Grande do Sul.


Brazil is a country that has a long tradition of craftsmanship, especially in the interior of the country and in the Amazonian area. Some of the most common items are figures carved in wood, stone or clay where the Christ the Redeemer and the Bahian women stand out, many of them in positions as if they were leaning out of the window. Brazilian crafts also have European influences, which is why it is also common to find embroideries and lace. These products can be purchased in many of the country's towns, especially those whose population is indigenous. One of the best places to buy a handmade souvenir, however, is Feira Hippie de Ipanema, where there is a great variety.

Football Shirt

It is the national sport of Brazil, so few visiting the country leave without bringing home a canary yellow shirt of the national team. Due to their success, they can now be found in all the towns and cities of the country, although many of them are mere imitations. In Rio de Janeiro there are numerous shopping centers where there are sports stores. Some of them are Barra Shopping, São Conrado Fashion Mall and Shopping Leblon, among others.


These popular internationally known sandals are from Brazil, so it is the perfect place to get some. They were created in 1962 following the Japanese style and, in the 90s, they had a great acceptance in Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro there are many shops with different colors and designs, some of them unique to Brazil that you can not possibly find in other parts of the world.


Due to its production of precious stones, many of them from the mines of Gerais, Brazil is a good country to buy jewelry. Some of the locations where it is easiest to find them are in Porto Alegre and Rio Grande do Sul, where there is an abundance of quartz, mandarin citrine, and lunar blue quartz. In Salvador de Bahia the most coveted is the emerald, with its characteristic green color. Finally, in the Amazon, the most common is beryl. Almost all of them can be bought in many of the jewellery shops that are located in large cities such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo or Salvador de Bahia, among others. One of the most prestigious is H. Stern, who designs for many Hollywood stars.  


Internationally known for samba, Brazil still retains a variety of stores where it is possible to buy records or even vinyl of in this characteristic musical style. In fact, Copacabana beach has one of the music stores considered the best in the world. This is Modern Sound, opened in 1966 and here you can find a wide variety of samba, samba jazz and bossa nova records. The best thing about this place is that it has a café where, in addition to being able to enjoy traditional Brazilian music, there is sometimes live music.

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