Events and festivals in


Events and festivals in Canada

Due to its enormous size, Canada is a country that has numerous events and festivals dedicated to its great diversity in  history, culture and gastronomy. One of the most important festivals is dedicated to the country's indigenous population, who have managed to preserve their roots and traditions.

Another popular event is the Calgary Stampede, where the image of the cowboy and rodeo culture are honoured. Canada also has religious events such as Christmas and Easter, as well as celebrations such as the arrival of winter, where many cities offer the best activities to make the most of the cold.

Some cities such as Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto are a symbol of modernity and cultural, so you can also enjoy important jazz, gastronomic and film festivals.


Aboriginal Festival of Canada

The Aboriginal Festival of Canada is one of the most important events in the country because it is celebrated in homage to the indigenous people of the country such as First Nations, Inuits and Métis. During that day cultural activities that represent all communities are performed, there are also dances, different food markets, craft fairs, canoe competitions and locals wear traditional clothes of their ethnicity.  

Calgary Festival

Known as the Calgary Stampede, this festival, based on the classic rodeo, is one of the best known in Canada and the longest running, as it is celebrated for two weeks. It organizes bull and horse races, flea markets, concerts and different artistic events. The most important day is the opening day when a huge parade is organized through the streets of the city known as the Calgary Stampede Showband.  

Montreal International Jazz Festival

The Montreal International Jazz Festival is one of the most important in the world where you can enjoy the best musicians of this genre from all over the world. Every year, it brings together a large number of attendees who, if they wish to continue with music, have the opportunity to attend the Ottawa International Festival that takes place the following month.  

Toronto International Film Festival

This festival is one of the most important film events in Canada since 1976 when its first edition was held. It takes place in the city of Toronto, where every year some of the best local and international productions are screened. In total there are usually about 300-400 films during the 10 days of the event. Over the years, this festival has been getting so much admiration from the public that it is currently considered one of the best cinematographic events in the world, after Cannes.

Toronto Taste Festival

This great gastronomic festival, which brings together a large number of chefs from all over the world, is celebrated in the city of Toronto. The event is not free, although it offers the opportunity to try the dishes of more than 60 chefs and the location offers the best views of the city.  

Tulip Festival

The Tulip Festival has been celebrated in Canada since 1945, at which time the Netherlands gave the country more than a hundred thousand bulbs in gratitude for exiling their princess during the Second World War. The best city to celebrate it is Ottawa, where they were originally planted and where, every spring, its streets are filled with different colours of this flower. In addition, a huge flower bed is erected on the river bank with thousands of tulips of all colors. Because every year this festival welcomes a large number of visitors, there are also organizes concerts and fireworks.  

Winter Carnival

Although the Winter Carnival in Canada is celebrated in many of the big cities, the most recognized ones in the country are those that are organized in Quebec. Its main feature is the huge ice castle that is built in the centre of the city where Bonhome is placed, an ice doll that is considered the King of Carnival. At night, the entire complex remains illuminated, which creates a magical atmosphere.  


During the month of February, some cities like Ottawa, Ontario or Quebec celebrate the arrival of winter. In places like Ottawa, it has been celebrated since 1979 and is characterized by the large ice rink that covers one of its streets. Measuring more than 7 kilometres, it is considered the longest skating rink in the world. There are also impressive ice sculptures, flea markets and numerous activities and concerts.  

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