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Food in Seychelles

Food in


Food In Seychelles

The ethnic diversity will mark out what to eat in Seychelles; this country whose base is fish and rice has French, African, Indian and Chinese influences. Its cuisine is very varied and tasty, so it will be a pleasure to try their typical dishes during your trip.

The typical dishes to eat in Seychelles are the result of a fusion between cultures where spices and aromatic herbs take centre stage. As we already anticipated, fish occupies a predominant place in the country's cuisine. Similarly, coconut, ginger and chili accompany the rice dishes along with delicious tropical fruits.

We will discover what the typical dishes of the cuisine of Seychelles are which you have to savour during your visit to the country.



Actually, Rougaille is not a dish in itself, but rather it is a tomato sauce with spices and aromatic herbs. This sauce is used to accompany most of the typical Seychelles dishes, be it meat or fish.


Palmito salad

This salad, also known as the millionaire's salad, is prepared with fresh hearts of palm. A delicacy which has nothing to do with the heart of palm to which we are accustomed. It is seasoned with oil, pepper and lemon and is really delicious.


Clam soup

In a country where the sea is the protagonist, one couldn't miss a good soup of fresh clams. Undoubtedly, this is one of the dishes to eat in Seychelles after which you'll need to lick your fingers. It is prepared with high-quality clams, tomato, ginger and garlic; something so simple, it results in a delicacy worthy of the gods.



This delicious seafood soup is another of the traditional dishes to eat in Seychelles which you cannot stop trying. To prepare it, in addition to fresh seafood, onion, garlic and parsley are used. The soup is very tasty, and it is perfect to whet your appetite.


Carii Coco

This beautiful and sonorous name is used to refer to the local fish or meat curry; its flavour is soft, since the base is coconut cream. The meat and fish can be cooked with this particular thick coconut cream which is typical of Seychelles, which gives it a special and unique touch, so you can only try this dish on the islands.


Shark Chutney

Shark chutney, also called Chatini Rekin, is often served as a starter. This typical dish of Seychelles cuisine is prepared by grinding and boiling shark meat, which is served with lemon juice, salt, pepper, fried onions, turmeric and a very strong fruit, typical of the country: the bilimbi.



This vegetable, similar to spinach, is part of some typical dishes of the islands. With Brèdes the traditional Bouillion Brède or spinach broth is prepared, a perfect starter which will delight lovers of vegetable soups.


Civet de Chauve Souris

This delicacy is perhaps the most curious dish you can eat in Seychelles, as it consists of a dish of bat meat curry. The animal in question is a species known as the fruit bat, considered a real delicacy by locals.


Grilled fish

The fish in Seychelles is prepared with garlic, ginger and chili, so the result is a very tasty dish. Also with the fish you can make an exquisite Seychellois Chatini, or Fish Chutney.


Fruit of bread and palm

Sometimes, to replace rice as a companion, the palm is used, which is cooked in a special way to preserve all its flavour. Don't miss the opportunity to try it; it will not leave you indifferent.


Kat Kat Banane

For dessert you can try this delicious banana cooked with coconut milk; it is one of the most emblematic desserts of Seychelles and you cannot miss it.

To finish, and as for drinks, fruit juices, such as fresh lime, is very popular; it consists of natural lemon juice, which can be sweet or salty, and it is reduced with water. But the national drink is the Coco d'Amour, although you can also try the Toddy and the Calou, based on fermented coconut sap.

Tea also occupies an important place; the citronelle is the most popular tea, and consists of a digestive herbal tea which is consumed after the meal. Its taste is mild and will please even those who are accustomed to tea.

Here ends our culinary journey through this dream paradise. During your trip, don't miss the opportunity to soak up all the flavours of the islands. Nowhere else can you enjoy a gastronomic fusion which is achieved so well.

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