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Events and festivals in Seychelles

Events and festivals in


Events and festivals in Seychelles

During your trip, you will discover many popular festivals in Seychelles which are unique to their culture and traditions. In addition to the internationally known festivals, the islands have their own festivals and characteristic events.

The Republic of Seychelles not only offers you a natural orchard where you can lose yourself and be amazed by nature, there are also festivities which are typical of the islands which will make your trip a unique experience. Among them is the Festival de la Digue, or the Ceole Festival, two of the greatest exponents of popular festivals in Seychelles.

Let's see, month by month, what the festivities in Seychelles are which you are interested in knowing before embarking on your trip.


Months of January, February and March

During the month of January, the New Year is celebrated on the islands, just like in the rest of the planet. The Franco-African origin of its population conserves a mixture of traditions where the most western ones prevail in this case. Many French people choose the New Year holidays to travel to the islands because they are the perfect paradise to rest and get away from routine.

The same happens with the carnivals in February, or Holy Week in March, both customs linked to the Catholic world. As for the carnival, the International Carnival of Victoria includes a varied program of activities and events which are known around the world.


Month of April

April is the best time in Seychelles for fishing enthusiasts since the National Fishing Competition is held. During this national competition, the islands are filled with amateur visitors to the sport, as well as locals who compete to win the prize for the best exemplar.


Month of May

In May comes the time of the Festival of Underwater Images, an international underwater photography festival. Those who enjoy diving and marine life have their best date here because the world of diving is the protagonist during the month of May in the larger islands.

Also in May, the National Day of Africa is celebrated, with a colourful festival of music, dance, art and cuisine. The best regional, national and international artists come together to attend this event.


Months of June and July

On 5th June, one of the most important festivities in Seychelles takes place: Liberation Day. As in other countries, during this day, the streets are filled with parades and official acts. In addition, musical and floral shows are also organised, so if you are in the country during this time, take the opportunity to enjoy the scheduled events.

Also in June, this time at the end, on the 29th, almost in July, Independence Day is celebrated with events similar to those of the Liberation Day.


Month of August

On 15th August you can attend one of the best popular festivals in Seychelles: the Festival de la Digue. Catholic believers from the islands flock to Digue, the smallest of the main islands, to celebrate this religious festival in honour of the Virgin Mary. During this festival, you can also attend different sports events, cultural activities and parties on the beach on the island of Digue. Fun, music and joy are assured.


Month of September

In September it is the turn of the sailors, as Seychelles becomes the site of the Deau Vallon Regatta. One of the most anticipated events of this celebration is the yacht competition, sponsored by the hotel businessmen, together with the Tourism Week, full of activities focused on visitors to the archipelago.


Month of October

October undoubtedly marks the time of the most important of the popular festivals of Seychelles, a cultural event full of rhythm, culture and outpourings of joy and popular tradition; this event is the Creole Festival.

The festival is held every year between 22nd and 30th October, and is the largest and most important cultural festival in the country. The Creole culture is the protagonist, organising dance competitions, cultural exhibitions, musical performances where jazz prevails, and many gastronomic tastings.


Months of November and December

November is the month of the World Championship of Fishing at Height, a very important event at international level which fills the country with fishing professionals and amateurs. Also in November, on the 1st, All Saints' Day is celebrated, as in other Catholic countries. In this case, the events are a mixture of paganism and Christianity which is typical of the Creole people.

In December, Christmas is a reason for celebration for the inhabitants of the islands, who gather to share the traditional open-air dinner, so don't forget that in Seychelles it is always summer.

Now that you know all the popular festivals in Seychelles, you can match your trip with one of them, in this way you will have a more complete and exciting adventure.

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