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Food in Faroe Islands

Food in

Faroe Islands

Food In Faroe Islands

During your trip you will wonder what to buy in the Faroe Islands; well, this autonomous archipelago of the Kingdom of Denmark offers you various souvenirs. Their culture, a mixture of Irish, Viking and Scandinavian, is so particular that they even have their own language.

These little-known islands mostly have wool, in fact, the translation of the Faroe Islands means "land of lambs", such is the importance of this animal in the archipelago. But, in addition to woollen clothes, you will also find crystal souvenirs, works of art, traditional music, typical alcohol of the region and many other things.


Woollen clothing

One of the typical products par excellence which you can buy in the Faroe Islands is woollen clothes. An example of this is the designs of the firm Guðrun & Guðrun, which uses Faroese wool, which would otherwise be discarded, to produce high-end fashion products which are sold all over the world.

Their best-known garment is the so-called Star jumper, which became famous when Sobie Gråbøl's character, Sarah Lund, wore the hand-woven sweater on the popular Danish television series Forbrydelsen, which also appears on the BBC as The Killing.



Knitted fabric has also become one of the most characteristic souvenirs of the Faroe Islands. This tradition has been part of the culture of the islands for centuries. Even today, a large number of women weave various types of clothing, such as jumpers, underwear and socks.

Several Faroese companies have made great use of the technical knowledge which these women possess. Companies such as Navia and Sirri manufacture internationally valued woollen garments from the Faroe Islands. The same goes for the Faroese designers Jóhanna av Steinum and Soul Made.


Faroese art

The history of Faroese art is short, and can only be traced back to a couple of hundred years ago. The lack of time, light and material may have caused the late emergence of painting. But despite this, the islands have a very active artistic scene.

With the first Faroese painters, the landscape became a national icon and has remained the central theme of Faroese visual arts. The interest for installations, minimalism and conceptual art, has not affected Faroese art much until now. The Danish art critic Ole Nørlyng concludes that nature, the wild landscape, is the driving force behind the Faroese artists.



Lovers of philately will find their paradise in this archipelago, because the old stamps of the Faroe Islands are really unique. Seals with birds, plants, boats, typical costumes or Faroese landscapes, there will be something totally different to buy in the Faroe Islands.

In addition to the age of the stamps, the variety of unique images will captivate both experts and amateurs. In the archipelago, there is a great fondness for this hobby - a fairly calm archipelago is ideal for dedicating yourself fully to this kind of hobby.


Faroese music

The rural populations of the Faroe Islands have remained faithful to the traditions of dances and ballads. The three types of dance ballads are kvæði, tættir and vísir. Many of these forms of dance were revived after the Second World War, when several dance societies were formed.

Other songs include skjaldur, fantastic fairy tales sung by adults for children, and sliding microtonal hymns called kingosálmar. These folk songs can be the perfect gift to buy in the Faroe Islands for music lovers.


Cut glass

Here, as in many other northern and eastern European countries, cut glass is a tradition which goes back hundreds of years. From figurines of all types, to other practical and decorative objects, glass is also one of the most famous products of the Faroe Islands.

As well as carved glass, ceramics are also part of the little touch of handicraft which is preserved both in the archipelago and in Denmark. If you want to take home some beautiful plates decorated with fine china, this is the perfect occasion.


Butter cookies

Who hasn't tried the famous Danish butter cookies? Well, here is one of the typical Faeroese products which will be most popular when you come home.

These delicious cookies are liked by everyone, so buying a can of cookies as a gift will ensure you get it right. They are a practical gift and they are also very good.

This is just a small example of the souvenirs you can buy in the Faroe Islands. Surely during your visit you'll find many more things to take home as a souvenir.

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