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Shopping in Singapore

Shopping in


Shopping in Singapore

If you are looking for souvenirs from Singapore you should read this.

You will be surprised to learn what to buy in Singapore, as this Asian country perfectly combines modernity and tradition. Its multi-ethnic community and its vertiginous race towards the future make this country’s traditional products unique.You can find a great variety of products to buy in Singapore, from the most up to date electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets to the most traditional hand crafted items. However, the country’s artisan crafts are being lost due to the intensity of its technological development, and for this reason, the government has developed the Trades Tour to raise awareness and promote the work of artisans.Originally from China, Peranakan porcelain is one of the most sophisticated pieces of art to buy in Singapore. Although it may not be suitable for all budgets, you can negotiate with the seller to reach a more affordable price. If you can, you will be taking home a real handmade treasure with a thousand year old tradition. If you are interested in this type of artisan crafts you should visit the Antiques of the Orient and Rumah Bebe, two of the businesses with the best reputations in the country.Singapore culture holds perfume in high esteem. Not just any perfume, but one made from essential oils and which is used for special occasions. The ability to mix the different essential oils in a personalised manner is a complete art. You can order your own personal perfume in the shops which sell the JR Fragrances brand.