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Shopping in Turkey

If you are looking for souvenirs from Turkey you should read this.

It is impossible to visit Turkey and not be seduced by the wide variety of items displayed in the markets, bazaars and shopping centres. The most sought after are the traditional carpets and rugs since in addition to being very cheap they are of very good quality. Turkish lamps are also very popular; the hallmark of the country and characterized by their cheerful colour. Turkey is also a good place to buy imitation clothing and accessories in leather, cotton or silk.

The most frequented places to make this type of purchases are the Grand Bazaar, one of the essential stops in Istanbul; or the Mahmutpaşa Bazaar, smaller but it still has a great variety. The area of the modern Taskim has become trendy in recent years. This is where the big firms are, as well as narrow alleys full of antique stores.

Among the shopping centres there are Demirören Istiklal and Cevahir, full of shops for all tastes. On the other hand, in the Anatolian region the craft shops are unmissable. The best pottery is found in Avanos, while in Göreme you can find great relics and the most typical items of the country including the famous blue lucky eyes.


Istanbul is full of antique shops. Although many of these pieces can be found in markets such as Mahmutpaşa Bazaar or in the small adjoining shops of the Grand Bazaar, the truth is that one of the best places to buy antiques is in the Çiçek Pasajı, in Nevizade. In Cappadocia, you can also find shops with authentic relics, most of them in Göreme.  


An iconic product of Turkey. Both in Grand Bazaar and the surrounding areas, in Istanbul, there are a plethora of carpet shops. If you want something a little special then the most recognized shop, worldwide, is Cinar, in the street of Nuruosmaniye Cad. In the Anatolian region is also frequent to find factory stores that are the perfect choice for finding quality at a good price.  


Turkey has many good brand imitations. Most of these garments can be found in the Grand Bazaar or in other markets in the city. Leather goods such as jackets or bags also have a good reputation, although you will have to spend time comparing their quality with the price. Istiklal and the area of ​​Taskim, are the best streets for shopping, since it is where the big firms and the most trendy boutiques in the city can be found, although the prices are not very cheap.  


Turkey is the paradise of lamps whose main attraction is the vivid colours of its crystals. With the same materials they also make ashtrays, jars and other decorative items. In Istanbul, the area of Santa Sofia is full of small shops where they sell only lamps. It is also easy to find them in stores in Cappadocia. The price usually ranges between 20-30 euros.  

Pashmina Scarves

One of the most abundant fashion accessories in Turkey. They are usually made of silk and cotton and can be found in clothing stores as well as in markets such as Grand Bazaar or Mahmutpaşa Bazaar, in Istanbul. The adjoining streets are full of small shops with scarves and all kinds of accessories. Usually, those that are sold in the bazaar are quite cheap; haggling can take the price down to around 5 euros.  


Spices are one of the most typical products of Turkey. If you are in Istanbul, one of the largest and most popular is the spices bazaar, where you can buy spices both by weight or in packages. Some of the most famous spices are curry, cardamom, nutmeg or saffron, among others. The price will depend on your bargaining skills.  

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