Events and festivals in


Events and festivals in Peru

Peru is one of the Latin American countries with the most multicultural population. This is reflected in their national events and folklore.

Many of its most important dates are related to religious holidays since it is a largely Christian country. Most of its events are characterized as highlighting the best of Peruvian cuisine, music, dances and the cheerful character of its people. The yearly calendar is full of festivities.


All Souls Day

In Latin America, the Day of the Dead, or All Souls Day, is celebrated with enthusiasm. The cemeteries of the country visited and candles and flowers are taken and placed on the graves of loved ones. Cajamarca and Piura hold some of the most flamboyant celebrations.

Anniversary of Lima

The day of the foundation of the city by the Spaniards is celebrated. In the capital, there are free concerts, cultural events and a festive atmosphere. The best place to enjoy it is in the Plaza de Armas and in the historic centre of Lima.  

Corpus Christi

One of the most important Catholic celebrations in Cuzco. It is celebrated over two weeks in which processions, religious events and parties are organized. It is the perfect opportunity to taste the typical dishes of the region and the churches come to life with chanting and ceremonies

Creole Song Festival

It is celebrated throughout the country to honour the identity of Creole music. Although there are concerts throughout the country, you can find the most lively celebrations in Lima. There are several musical events, where waltz, zamacueca and marinera limeña music can be heard.  

International Festival of Ica

It is celebrated in Ica, one of the most important viticultural zones of Peru. You can expect to see parades, shops, children's events, performances by national and international artists and fireworks during the festivities.

International Spring Festival

It is celebrated mainly in the town of Trujillo, where the streets are decorated with flowers and there is a parade of carriages where a Spring Queen is chosen for her beauty. There are also national and international music performances.  

Juliaca Festival

One of the largest and most important Carnival parties in Peru. It is celebrated in the town of Juliaca and lasts for a whole month. It begins with the small Carnival in the Q'ashua of San Sebastian and is characterized by its colour, music and art.

National Holiday

Celebrated throughout the country to commemorated the Independence of Peru in 1821. You can expect to enjoy serenades of folkloric and Creole music, organized in parks and squares. The morning of the 28th starts with an epic 21 cannon shots and in the villages agricultural fairs, cockfights and bullfights are organized.  

Saint John Festival

The most important festival in the Amazon. Depending on the area, it can be celebrated on different dates. What is common in all of them are the music festivals and the gastronomic banquet, where you can taste typical dishes of the region. In Moyobamba, Iquitos and Pucallpa the locals bathe in the rivers to purify themselves.

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