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Food in Morocco

Food in


Food In Morocco

There are many typical dishes to eat in Morocco, places where Moroccan cuisine is very rich and varied. Depending on the region of this exotic country, you will be able to taste different dishes and decide which one is more delicious.

If you travel to Morocco, you cannot avoid trying their typical dishes, as they are one of the main attractions of this country. Then, we'll summarise the most essential dishes to eat in Morocco.


Cous cous

One of the most famous dishes of Morocco internationally is cous cous. It is prepared based on cooked semolina wheat, to which meat and/or vegetables are added. It is cooked in a clay pot, which is hermetically sealed with a cone-shaped lid. The result is a very tasty dish, because spices and herbs such as cumin, turmeric, saffron, black pepper, parsley and ginger are added.



Another dish to eat in Morocco is Zaalouk, made with aubergines and cooked tomatoes. This dish can be considered both a salad and a ratatouille, as it also has olives, but with a special touch of tabasco and cumin.



This typical Moroccan food dish is a crunchy puff pastry filled with chicken, caramelised onions and almonds. The touch is given by the finish, as it is sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar.  The mixture of textures and flavours make this dish a must-try.


Moorish kebabs

Also world famous are the Moorish kebabs, which are prepared with minced meat seasoned with different spices. As a curiosity, you should know that this typical Moroccan dish is traditionally made with camel meat.



Along with cous cous, tajine is the star of Morocco's food. The way to cook it is the same as for cous cous, in clay pot. It is prepared with meat, vegetables and nuts. There are many varieties; it can be chicken, lamb, beef, or just vegetables.



This dish, although it is not the best known, is the most popular in Morocco, unseating the famous cous cous. For its preparation, a whole lamb is grilled, prepared with different herbs and spices.



Another dish to eat in Morocco, and that you can't miss out on trying is harira. It's actually a thick soup of lentils, with onions, lemons and tomatoes, to which lamb meat is added. It is one of the traditional dishes for Ramadan dinners as it goes perfectly after the daytime fast.



Although this dish is of Turkish origin, you will find it a lot in Morocco. The difference is that it is cooked exclusively with lamb or beef. They are served with bread in the form of a sandwich, and if you prefer, there is also the chicken variety.


Sardine meatballs

These meatballs are also part of the dishes which you eat in Morocco. You will find them canned with a very spicy tomato sauce. For lovers of meat, they are an exquisite delicacy.


Moroccan bread

Moroccan food is accompanied by a bread known as Hob. You should know that bread for Moroccans is a religious symbol, so, when ordering, keep in mind not to leave half-eaten pieces.

And after tasting one of the typical dishes of Morocco, what better than to finish with a good selection of sweets and a good Moorish tea.


Arab sweets

Arab sweets are delicious, mostly crunchy and filled with nuts, washed down with plenty of honey. One of the most popular which you have to try is the Kaab el Ghazal or Gazelle Horn. It is prepared with a mass of almonds, egg yolk and orange blossom water, all a delicacy.



This fruit is typical of Morocco, and you will find lots of them in the street stalls. The best and tastiest are the Deghet and Ghars, the first are harvested in October, and the second at the end of August. As a snack they are perfect, they satisfy and give you energy, as well as enjoying their sweet flavour.


Moorish tea

Mint tea, besides being known worldwide, is refreshing, digestive and very rich. It has a delicious flavour, and is served in a silver teapot, accompanied by glasses of various colours. It is drunk at almost all hours, so you will have many opportunities to try it.

And this is where our culinary journey through the flavours of this country stops; now that you know what to eat in Morocco, don't miss the opportunity to stop and taste each dish with true devotion.

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