Events and festivals in


Events and festivals in Cuba

Because of its Latin character, Cuba is an island full of life with a calendar overflowing with festivals, parties and events throughout the year. Some of them, such as pilgrimages, charangas or Carnivals, are examples of their more traditional folklore that has been preserved over time attracting visitors from all over the world. In most of the festivities, music, dances and the happiness of its people are paramount.


Boleros de Oro Festival

At the end of June, the best musicians and bolero dancers from all over Cuba and other Caribbean countries meet in Havana. It is one of the most prestigious events in the country that, although held mainly in its capital, has now spread to other cities in Cuba.  

Carnival of Santiago de Cuba

The Spanish settlers were the ones who introduced the Carnival in the country. Although there are celebrations throughout the island, the most popular are those held in Santiago de Cuba itself. Comparsas (groups of singers and dancers) delight the crowds and parades are organized as the city fills with colour. This same month Havana also holds its own carnival.

Charanga de Bejucal

This popular festival is celebrated in Mayabeque, a small town in Havana, since the mid-nineteenth century. In it there is music, dance, crafts and a contest of shows performed by the community. Throughout the years, this festival has been gaining importance has been declared an event of cultural heritage for Cuba.  

Festival of Fire

Also known as the Caribbean Festival, this celebration that takes place in Santiago de Cuba hosts different artistic acts. There are concerts of different musical styles, dances, theatre, exhibitions, cinema and literature in which hundreds of national and international artists participate.  

Festival of Ibero-American Culture

Celebrated in the town of Holguín, where poetry, music, dance, literature and theater competitions are organized, related to the country's culture and Latin America. There are also parades, parades, opening of exhibitions and different congresses where you can soak up the authentic Cuban atmosphere.  

May Pilgrimage

They are held mainly in Holguín, where different activities related to Cuban art and traditions are organized. As a Christian holiday, the journey begins with a pilgrimage to the cross of the friar Antonio of Alegría. These days there are also concerts and exhibitions to celebrate the important day.

New Year's Day

As in other countries of the world, New Year's Eve in Cuba is also celebrated with music, dances, dinners and fireworks. Its main characteristic is that, on the same day, January 1, it also commemorates the Liberation of Cuba and in its capital, Havana, concerts are organized.  

Red & Blue Party

This festival aims to honour the peasant culture of the centre of Cuba. It is celebrated in Ciegos de Ávila and, as the name suggests, the inhabitants are dressed in typical blue and red clothes. It organizes parrandas, guateques, tournaments and contests between the opposing sides.

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