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Terms and Conditions

  • General Conditions will apply to the bookings made through this program.

  • Participants in the program must be 18 years old to be able to make a reservation.

  • When counting passengers of groups of 10, only people aged 2 and over will be included in the count. Children under 2 years of age will not be counted.

  • An adult can travel with a maximum of 2 children up to 12 years old.

  • An adult cannot travel with more than one infant (< 2 years of age).

  • The rewards and/or discounts cannot be used to add and/or change an insurance policy and/or cancellations coverages. Group discounts are not combinable with other promotions, discounts and /or travel credit.

  • The free trip for the Group Champion will be booked  when the group booking of at least 10 passengers has been completed (payment of first installment).

  • If the Group Champion chooses to convert the free trip into a discount for  the whole  group, the discount  will be applied equally to all the participants of the group, including the Group Champion. 

  •  If the whole group, plus the group champion benefit from the discount, this will be applied to the first installment of the payment, at the time of booking. If, due to a cancellation, the number of passengers in the group decreases to less than 10, the discount will not apply. If this happens when the first payment has already been made, this will be reflected in the balance of the second payment.

  • The number of people in a group must be confirmed before the booking is made. The discount won’t be applied if more people join the group at a later time. 

  • Trip prices are subject to change at any stage. After a booking is created, Exoticca can hold the same price for a maximum of 24 hours to allow customers to complete their reservation. 

  • The same flights will not be guaranteed for each member of the same group.

  • If passengers wish to travel on the same flight, this must be specified prior to booking, so that our agents can provide the correct quote. In this case, a higher fee will apply.

  • Partial cancellations from a booking are not allowed.

  • If not specified in advance, the group will travel in an open tour, with other people. Private group tours can be booked only upon request. Higher fees apply.

  • Group discounts are not available on all departure dates. They are subjected to availability of the discounted products on specific dates. Exoticca’s agents will communicate the availability of those dates upon booking.

  • Exoticca reserves the right to withdraw the discount from the group if the minimum number of people needed to apply the discount decreases. The discount will be withdrawn from payment of the second installment. 

  • Participation in this promotion implies knowledge and acceptance of these T&Cs by the Participants. Acceptance implies being governed by these T&C during the development of the Promotion. The policies, mechanics and restrictions are not subject to appeal, negotiation or modification of any kind. Exoticca reserves the right to make any type of change without prior notice, so the Participant agrees to periodically review the Rules and Regulations during the validity of the Promotion.

  • Reservations made through Travel Agents/Advisors (B2B), won’t be entered into this program, and therefore its benefits won’t be applied to those bookings, as travel agents already receive different commissions. This program is intended for customers only.

  • The only person capable to modify and/or cancel the booking would be the lead passenger of that booking. If your Group Champions leader made the booking on your behalf, he/she would be the only person able to modify or cancel the booking.


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