Interesting facts about Iceland

Game of Thrones filming locations in Iceland Vik Beach

Game of Thrones filming locations in Iceland


Iceland’s natural beauty is as breathtaking as it is diverse: roaring volcanoes sit behind gigantic glaciers, jet-black beaches lead to thundering waterfalls, and geysers shoot into skies aglow with the northern lights. Consequently, the array of stunning backdrops make it a director’s paradise. Scenes from James Bond, Star Wars, Batman...

Best Destinations of 2020


A flurry of travel guides, bloggers, influencers and newspapers have already given their take on the top ten destinations of 2020. To some extent, we all follow the latest trends that have been decreed by our glowing screens. Yet, when it comes to travelling our differences come rushing to the...

Christmas Holiday Destinations


Want to escape your mother-in-law’s looming presence when basting the turkey? Does uncle Derek and his outrageously un-PC comments make you long for January? Here at Exoticca, we’ve compiled a list of our best Christmas holiday destinations to rescue you from the perils of Yuletide.  Scandinavia It is common knowledge...

Things to do in Iceland in winter


Scraping the edges of the Arctic Circle and with ice in its name, the winter months on this island can be harsh to the tune of – 25ºc. However, our list of the best things to do in Iceland in winter shows that the freezing temperatures are more than worth...

When is the best time to visit to Iceland

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The best time to travel to Iceland depends on the purpose of your journey, not just the temperature. The climate is mildest from May to September, but the winter months are perfect for enjoying the northern lights. When to travel to Iceland When planning your trip to the land of...

best destinations for couple trips

The 10 best destinations for couple trips | Love is in the air


Love is in the air, and there are destinies that know about this. Enchanting places that can reinforce love as a couple and that make the flame of love grow exponentially. These destinations that can become the best honeymoon trips make our dream of the perfect holiday next to the...

Travel to Reykjavik What to visit in Reykjavik

Travel to Reykjavik | What to visit in Reykjavik?


Have you already planned everything you will do while in Iceland? Still do not know what to see when you visit Reykjavik,  the capital? From Exoticca we offer you a little bit of everything: cultural, religious visits, walks along the lake and even the best hot dog in the world....