Interesting facts about Iceland

Active volcanoes around the world

Active volcanoes around the world you can actually visit!


Across the globe, active volcanoes serve as a reminder of the power of nature! Feared, revered and misunderstood, volcanoes have played a starring role in the creation of the planet we live on today. Whilst some volcanoes are famous for the chaos they have caused, others are known for their...

Best black sand beaches

Where to find the most spectacular black sand beach in the world!


We all love a tropical, sun-kissed beach, but there’s something special about visiting a rare black sand beach! Around the world, you can find different examples of this unique natural phenomenon. Whilst your average beach is probably home to caramel-coloured sand, black sand beaches tend to result from a high...

Solo travel for women Best cities to visit as a female traveller

Solo travel for women: Best cities to visit as a female traveller


Solo travel for women is empowering, exciting and liberating. In fact, research shows more than 80% of solo travellers are female. Sometimes we could all do with a little alone time and travelling is the perfect way to indulge your interests. Whether you’re in search of a cultural journey or...

Best summer destinations in Europe

What are the best summer destinations in Europe?


Looking for the best summer destinations in Europe? Unsurprisingly, summer is the most popular time of year for travel. The kids are off school and many of us take a break from work to spend time with our families and friends. To make the most of this free time and...

best place to see the Northern Lights

Discover the best place to see the Northern Lights | See the Aurora Borealis!


Wondering where the best place to see the Northern Lights is? The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon seen in high-latitude regions across the world. The result of energised particles from the sun colliding with the earth’s atmosphere, the multi-coloured dancing lights are one of the most spectacular natural wonders...

best things to do in Iceland

Best things to do in Iceland: Discover the Land of Ice & Fire!


Looking for the best things to do in Iceland? This Nordic island is filled with incredible natural phenomena. From thundering waterfalls to glacier lagoons, a trip to Iceland is all about immersing yourself in nature. Black sand beaches and wild, windswept landscapes set the backdrop for an unforgettable adventure. So,...

best swimming spots on earth

8 best swimming spots on earth: Dive in!


The best swimming spots on earth are sure to have you reaching for your swimsuit! Whether you’re an avid swimmer or prefer a laid-back paddle, there’s something magical about a good swim. With the rising popularity of ‘wild swimming’, we thought we’d share our pick of swim destinations to visit...

Iceland: where can I go on holiday?

Game of Thrones filming locations in Iceland


Iceland’s natural beauty is as breathtaking as it is diverse: roaring volcanoes sit behind gigantic glaciers, jet-black beaches lead to thundering waterfalls, and geysers shoot into skies aglow with the northern lights. Consequently, the array of stunning backdrops make it a director’s paradise. Scenes from James Bond, Star Wars, Batman...