Where in Asia can I travel now? Asia reopening to tourists!

Asia reopening

Where in Asia can I travel now? Indeed, we’ve been waiting a long time to return to our favorite destinations in Asia. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Asia has been largely closed to tourists. After a long wait, a number of Asian countries are reopening their borders, so we can get back to the magnificent temples, landscapes and cultures of this vibrant continent! If you’re asking yourself ‘where in Asia can I travel now?’, read on to discover which countries are already open and which countries are due to welcome visitors again soon!

Updated 9th November 2021. Please note: this information applies to fully-vaccinated travelers only 

Asian countries already open to tourists

These destinations are already entirely or partially open to fully-vaccinated tourists.


Maldives: where in Asia can I travel now?

The paradise archipelago of the Maldives has been open for international tourists since June 2020. Due to the isolated nature of many of the countries resorts, the Maldives offers a ‘normal’ vacation experience. So, you can enjoy a relaxing all-inclusive escape filled with white-sand beaches and soul-stirring sunsets with limited restrictions!

Visitors to the Maldives must present a negative PCR test result on arrival and fill in a health declaration form.


Nepal: Asia reopening

Home of the Himalayas, Nepal has recently reopened to international tourists. Once again, you can explore the enchanting architecture of the Kathmandu Valley and trek through the immaculate landscapes of the Himalayan foothills. One of the most rewarding cultural destinations in Asia, Nepal’s incredible temples and famous Durbar Squares are welcoming tourists once more.

A negative PCR test result or proof of full vaccination is required to enter Nepal. Travel insurance, a tourist visa, and an international arrival form are also required.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Asia reopening

Open since January 2021, Sri Lanka is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Home to exotic wildlife, beautiful beaches and charming hill towns, the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ is a great choice for a family getaway. Whether you’re headed for the verdant tea plantations of Kandy or the idyllic beaches of Negombo, Sri Lanka is the perfect answer to the question ‘where in Asia can I travel now?’

Proof of a negative PCR test is required to enter Sri Lanka. Fully-vaccinated travelers do not need to quarantine. Visitors may be limited to certain travel zones, resorts and sights. For more details visit the Sri Lanka travel advisory.


Reclining Buddha Temple Thailand

Vaccinated travelers from 45 nations are permitted to travel to many parts of Thailand. This incredible country is a diverse travel destination, known for its paradise beaches and dynamic cities. Whether you’re lusting after the secluded beaches of Phuket or the bustling markets of Bangkok, Thailand is set to be one of the most popular destinations included in the long-awaited Asia reopening.

Fully-vaccinated travelers to specific regions are subject to a new ‘Test and Go’ initiative. As well as supplying a negative PCR test result to board the flight, travelers will be required to test on arrival at their accommodation. Once a negative result is received, you’ll be free to explore. For more details, see the Thai Embassy website.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai: where in Asia can I travel now?

Fancy a luxury shopping spree in Dubai’s shopping malls? You’ll be pleased to know that the UAE is open to tourists. Known for its awe-inspiring architecture, immense cultural heritage and beautiful beaches, the United Arab Emirates is one of Asia’s most glamorous and popular vacation destinations.

Fully-vaccinated travelers are permitted to travel to the UAE. A printed negative PCR test and health insurance are required.

Destinations in Asia reopening soon

The following destinations have announced plans to reopen to tourists in the near future. Many other destinations in Asia are also in process of welcoming tourists once more. Keep up to date with your local travel advisory and news for the latest developments!


Already partially open, Vietnam plans to reopen to tourists in stages. The popular island of Phu Quoc is already open to fully-vaccinated travelers. Other popular destinations, such as Ha Long Bay and Hanoi are hoping to welcome vaccinated tourists again by the end of the year. The Vietnamese Government announced plans to fully reopen its borders to foreign visitors in June 2022.


Spring 2022 is set to be the reopening date of this favorite travel destination. Just in time for cherry blossom season!


Bali is already open to fully-vaccinated tourists from a limited number of countries, with more nations set to be included in the list soon. Although a date hasn’t been set for the reopening of the rest of the country, as the vaccination rate increases more good news is expected as soon as early 2022.


Gradually reopening to tourists, India has begun to issue tourist visas once more, with commercial flights expected to be permitted from mid-November.


The magical nation of Cambodia has announced that it is partially reopening to international tourism. Starting from November 2021, the country will welcome tourists to designated areas such as Sihanoukville and Koh Kong. Siem Reap is set to join the list in January 2022 – so we can finally return to the enchanting temples of Angkor Wat. Initially, only group tours will be allowed.

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