Interesting facts about Sri Lanka

Animals in Sri Lanka; wildlife safaris

Where to see animals in Sri Lanka: Best wildlife safaris


You can find a rich array of animals in Sri Lanka. In fact, Sri Lanka is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, with a high number of endemic species. This idyllic tropical island is home to giant mammals, colorful birdlife and an abundant underwater world. Whilst the...

where to travel in January

Where to travel in January

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There are many recommended places to travel to in January. Great trips are not reserved for just the summer. Although for many, January is the month in which we leave the Christmas holidays behind with some sadness, and we resign ourselves to spending the weekends at home wrapped in a...

When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka

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The varied climate makes it difficult to decide when to travel to Sri Lanka, so tourists go there all year round. Indeed, the country has two seasons, the dry and the rainy season, something to bear in mind. Best time to travel to Sri Lanka In general, the best time...

unmissable giant buddhas

The world’s most impressive, unmissable giant buddhas


Religions are characterised by their divine beings, and Buddhism is no exception. There are several deities that can be found throughout Asia, so if you enjoy looking at works of art while on organised trips, we can tell you where to find the most spectacular giant buddhas in the world....