When is the best time to travel? 12 destinations for 12 months!

When is the best time to travel

Need to know the best time to travel to your dream destination? Whilst choosing a holiday can be a challenge, knowing the best time to go is equally as important! You want to get the most out of your time away and our calendar of the best places to travel every month can help you make an informed choice. From the perfect time to take a safari to unmissable cultural events, choose the best time to travel and enjoy your holiday time to the maximum!

January: Vietnam

January:  Vietnam

At the height of the dry season, January is one of the best times of year to travel to Vietnam. Furthermore, you can expect plenty of sunshine and clear skies throughout the country. If you’re headed to the north to visit Hanoi or legendary Ha Long Bay, pack a jumper as the nights can be a little chilly. On the other hand, central and southern Vietnam is hotting up in January. In fact, it’s one of the best times of year to indulge in the laid-back beach atmosphere of the beach resorts of Central Vietnam.

Not interested in the weather? Well, January also brings the incredible Tet celebrations towards the end of the month. As Vietnam celebrates the arrival of the Lunar New Year, you’ll be treated to an array of local festivals and ancient traditions. A fabulous time of year to see Vietnamese culture in full swing!

February: South Africa

South Africa

Want to escape the chill of winter in the Northern Hemisphere? Well, February is one of the best months to visit South Africa! Summertime in South Africa comes with plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures and the chance to enjoy outdoor activities. From safaris through the wilds of Kruger National Park to wine tasting in Stellenbosch, summer in South Africa is simply sublime. Why not take advantage of the seemingly endless sunny days to hike up Table Mountain or bask on the beaches of Durban?

March: Ireland

best time to travel to Ireland

If there’s one reason to visit Ireland in March it’s the unrivalled St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! One of the best times to travel to Ireland, March brings lots of good-humoured revelries as communities across the country celebrate their national saints day. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of cultural events, live music and fun things to do if you visit Ireland around March 17th. On the other hand, March marks the beginning of spring in Ireland. Longer days and warmer weather can be expected. Nevertheless, you can’t guarantee predictable weather at any time of year in Ireland, so pack your waterproofs accordingly!

April: Japan

Japan: best time to travel

With cherry blossom season in full swing, April is one of the best times to travel to Japan. Go at the beginning of the month to see the famous sakura in full bloom across large parts of Honshu, Hokkaido and Kyushu. Other reasons to travel to Japan in April include the pleasantly dry weather and the various events that take place during the Golden Week holiday. Furthermore, it’s the perfect time to embrace Japan’s great outdoors! Visit magnificent Mount Fuji or discover the mountain trails of Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park.

May: China

Giant Pandas: sightseeing in China

The rainfall of the previous month makes for spectacular spring blooms. Visiting China in May is the chance to explore a kaleidoscope of colourful foliage, especially if you’re heading out of the city. The ideal time of year for sightseeing, May brings warmer temperatures and dry weather. There’s so much to see and do in China, you’ll never get tired of exploring! From walking along the Great Wall to spotting Giant Pandas in Chengdu or cruising on the mighty Yangtze, the possibilities are endless.

June: Tanzania

Tanzania: best time to travel

June is Tanzania’s peak season for a reason! It’s during this month that the migrating wildebeest arrive in the Serengeti in enormous numbers. With them brings all the incredible wildlife of the Great Migration, truly a sight to behold! So, if you’re looking for the best safari experience, Tanzania in June is a sure bet. Furthermore, the warm and dry weather means better game viewing due to receding vegetation and fewer rainy days to interrupt your safari.

July: Peru

best time to travel to Machu PicchuWarm days, cool nights and relatively dry weather makes July the perfect month to explore the captivating sights of Peru. Due to its geography, there are three main climate areas to consider. Many of the top sights are concentrated in the Andean highlands, including Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. The weather here in July is very dry, but it can be cold at altitude and at night. In the east, you’ll find the incredible Amazon rainforest, which enjoys warm and humid weather this month, perfect for exploring the tropical forests and spotting wildlife. Finally, the capital of Lima is dry at this time of year, ideal for enjoying its atmospheric plazas and cafe terraces.

August: Greece

Best time to travel to Greece

The best time to travel to Greece for a beach break? Surely the Mediterranean sunshine and soaring temperatures of August are the ideal time of year to indulge in a beach escape to the Greek islands! A true paradise of idyllic beaches and warm turquoise sea, there’s little wonder that August is the most popular time of year to visit Greece. From sophisticated Santorini to vibrant Mykonos and historic Crete, August is all about soaking up the sunshine and indulging in mouthwatering Greek cuisine. Of course, the high temperatures are not ideal for sightseeing, but you can’t ignore the eternal appeal of the Greek Islands during the summer months. With sea breeze, sensational sunsets and a slower pace of life, August is the ideal time to plan a relaxing getaway to Greece!

September: India

Taj Mahal, India

The ideal month to explore the treasures of the Golden Triangle, India in September is largely dry with mild temperatures. Furthermore, you can expect fewer crowds at India’s favourite bucket list sights in September. Therefore, it’s the best time to visit monuments such as the Taj Mahal or Jaipur’s famous Palace of the Winds. The Red Fort and bustling street markets of Delhi are also great for exploring at this quieter, cooler time of year. Finally, the popular festival of Navaratri takes place in September, so you’ll likely see many traditional folk performances taking place throughout the country.

October: Madagascar

Best time to travel to Madagascar

The sheer size of this giant island can make it tricky to know when the best time to travel is. Warm temperatures and relatively dry weather can be found across Madagascar, but there’s one special attraction that can only be seen at this time of year: baby lemurs! The most famous Madagascan inhabitant, ring-tail lemurs usually give birth in September, so by the following month, the babies are strong enough to ride on their mothers’ backs. If you visit Isalo or Ranomafana National Park you’ll likely witness this adorable natural spectacle! Furthermore, the beaches of Madagascar’s southern coast are particularly idyllic at this time of year.

November: Iceland

Best time to travel to Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The ultimate winter escape, travel to Iceland in November to experience this country in all its natural glory! Yes, the temperatures are low at this time of year and you’ll need to dress appropriately. But, this is the time of year of the Northern Lights, snow-covered landscapes, ice caves and glacier treks! The ‘Land of Ice & Fire’, Iceland truly shows its volcanic roots and natural beauty during the winter, so November is an ideal month to visit. Furthermore, daylight steadily decreases around this time, giving you a better chance of spotting the Northern Lights. And, if you’re really feeling the chill, you can always warm up in Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon!

December: Germany

Best time to travel to Germany

Germany in December is a Christmas wonderland! Gluhwein, Christmas Markets, ski resorts and sleigh rides are all up for grabs if you travel to Germany in December. From Berlin’s incredible ‘Christmas Garden’ to the snow-covered slopes of Zugspitze, a German winter is an experience all should enjoy! In fact, German’s have a special word for the atmosphere of this time of year: gemutlichkeit. Gemutlichkeitis a bit like ‘cosiness’, and Germany fully embraces this heart-warming winter feeling. So, for the best Christmas trees, gingerbread and festive cheer, December is the best time to travel to Germany.

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