Scary places to go on Halloween: Spooky travel destinations!

Scary places to go on halloween: spooky travel ideas

As ‘spooky season’ is here again, we wanted to share with you some scary places to go on Halloween! Wherever you travel you’ll find fascinating places with dark histories if you know where to look. Although you might not usually think of travelling to scary places, there’s something thrilling about exploring these off the beaten track destinations! So, if you’re planning a trip, check out these scariest places to visit for a spooky Halloween.

Chernobyl, Ukraine

Chernobyl: scariest places to visit

The location of the devastating 1986 Chernobyl disaster is a popular tourist destination. Situated in central Ukraine, close to the border of Belarus, tours to Chernobyl usually includes a walkthrough of the abandoned ghost town of Pripyat, which once housed the workers of the nuclear plant and their families, providing a frozen-in-time snapshot of life in the Soviet Union.

This dark tourism destination draws thousands of visitors every year. The Chernobyl Disaster was the result of a malfunction in reactor number 4 during a routine test. The following nuclear explosion dispersed dangerous amounts of radioactive particles across the country and across Europe. Of all the scary places to go on Halloween, Chernobyl is one of the most poignant.

Bran Castle, Romania

Bran Castle: scary places to go on Halloween

Famous for its links to Dracula, Bran Castle in Transylvania is one of the best scary places to go on Halloween. Like something from a fairytale, Bran Castle is the best-loved and well-known castle in the whole of Romania. Some of the biggest Dracula enthusiasts travel to Romania just to step foot in this famous castle.

Of course, there is much debate surrounding the extent to which this castle actually has any real connection to the story of Dracula. Believers maintain that not only does the castle’s location fit Stoker’s description of Dracula’s lair, but the area was also the home of Vlad the Impaler, the historic figure said to inspire the legend of Count Dracula.  If you are lucky enough to visit the castle on Halloween, you’ll be able to join in the annual celebrations. These include a guided night-time tour of the spooky castle complex and a Halloween party with spooky Dracula-themed entertainment!

Paris Catacombs, France

Paris Catacombs: scary places to go on Halloween

Not for anyone who dislikes closed spaces, the Paris Catacombs are undoubtedly one of the scariest places to visit on Halloween. Situated in the heart of Paris, twenty metres below street level, the Catacombs are a labyrinth of tunnels home to the skeletal remains of at least six million people. Constructed in the 18th-century as a reaction to the city’s overflowing cemeteries, the Paris Catacombs are a spooky yet fascinating place. One of the world’s largest ossuaries, the bones of former Parisians are piled high into columns that cover the walls of the underground tunnels.  For those who want to visit, the Catacombs are open to the public every day except Monday. Furthermore, visitors are encouraged to reflect on their own mortality during the visit.

Loch Ness, Scotland

Loch Ness: Halloween legends

One of the most beautiful places on this list, Loch Ness is situated in the Scottish Highlands. Of course, you cannot think of Loch Ness without thinking about the legend of the Loch Ness Monster! Nessie, as she is affectionately known, was first spotted in the 1930s. It didn’t take long before more sightings were reported and the legend of the Loch Ness Monster was born. Although investigations have been inconclusive, the story of a giant, dinosaur-like creature endures to this day. If you’re into myths and legends, Loch Ness might just be one of the scariest places to visit on Halloween. After all, you might just spot Nessie yourself!

Fatehpur Sikri, India

Fatehpur Sikri: scary places to go on halloween

Situated in the heart of northern India, Fatehpur Sikri is an eerie monument to the Mughal Empire. One of the most architecturally impressive cities in the region, Fatehpur Sikri is home to incredibly decorative mosques, tombs, palaces and public buildings, constructed by the best architects in 16th-century India. Of course, the reason why this elaborate city is one of the scary places to go on Halloween is due to the fact that Fatehpur Sikri was completely abandoned just 15 years after its construction.

The reason for its abandonment has been a subject of much intrigue. Although perfectly formed, the city was poorly planned. The water supply had exhausted itself completely and the Emperor himself even abandoned his self-built capital city. Although a modest population inhabit the city today, there’s still something spooky about this forgotten piece of history.

Tower of London, England

Tower of London: scary places to visit on halloween

Filled with stories of ghosts and ghouls, the Tower of London sits on the banks of the River Thames. Although it is one of the most popular sights in London, it’s home to some pretty gruesome history. Founded in 1067, the Tower of London has seen the untimely deaths of many important figures. From the ghost of headless Anne Boleyn to the malevolent spirit of Henry VII’s suit of armour, stories of ghostly goings-on are extremely frequent.  Furthermore, there are many more recent reports of visitors feeling strange sensations whilst visiting the Tower of London. When it comes to scary places to go on Halloween, visiting the Tower of London is sure to be spooky!

Tao Dan Park, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City

Considered one of the most haunted places in the world, Tao Dan Park is a public garden in Ho Chi Minh City. On the one hand, this green space seems like a pleasant place to spend a sunny afternoon. But, as night falls the park takes on a different atmosphere. In fact, it is said that Tao Dan Park is haunted by a spirit of a young man. Although locals refute the claims, sightings of a ghostly apparition of a young man continue to be reported. Urban legend or not, Tao Dan Park is one of the scariest places to visit.

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