Travel tips: Let’s get Back to Travel!

Back to travel

As we begin to enjoy more freedoms, we thought we should share these travel tips with you! It’s been a while since we last traveled, but we firmly believe that travel is a valuable and eye-opening experience, that everyone should be able to enjoy. With these travel tips in mind, let’s get back to our favourite pastime: exploring the world!

Stay flexible with free cancellation

travel tips: free cancellation

As we know, it’s not unusual for your travel plans to change, so it’s best to stay flexible with your travel dates. At Exoticca, all of our trips include free cancellation, up to 60 days before departure. If your plans change, there’s no stress, you can cancel or reschedule your trip with no extra cost. Whether you’re planning an exotic getaway to a far-flung land or you’re looking forward to a beach break, take advantage of free cancellation and book your trip today!

Check local safety measures

travel tips: check local restrictions

One thing is for sure, the pandemic has touched also every corner of the globe. Therefore, each country will have its own safety precautions in place. As restrictions and precautions vary from country to country, be sure to check before you travel. Another travel tip to keep in mind is that you might be required to wear a mask in public places or at sightseeing hotspots, depending on where you travel. Therefore, be prepared with a stash of masks. You’ll also need to follow the airline’s safety rules whilst traveling, which might include wearing a mask on the plane and taking the required hygiene precautions.

Tips for flying: beat jet lag

travel tips: beat jet-lag

Many of us have been stuck at home, or at least stuck in our own country, for quite some time. As we prepare to return to travel, arriving in a new time zone has the potential to leave you feeling a little more frazzled than usual! Jet lag is the feeling of tiredness you experience when your body clock is knocked off balance after traveling to a time zone very different from your own.

You can alleviate this cranky, tired feeling by slowly adapting to your destination time zone before you travel. Alternatively, plan your trip so that your flight arrives in the morning. A tip for flying is to try and sleep on the plane if you’re arriving at your destination early in the day. Once you’ve touched down, be sure to get plenty of sunlight. Sunlight is key to kick-starting your circadian rhythm, so spend time outside first thing every morning. Furthermore, try not to fall asleep until sundown. Follow these travel tips and after a day or two, you’ll beat jet lag!

Go sightseeing!

sightseeing at the parthenon

So, things have been pretty quiet recently around the worlds most famous sights. Over the past year, many of the worlds most famous landmarks have been completely empty. This is a world away from the busy crowds we’re used to! As we begin to travel again, be sure to go sightseeing and take advantage of the uncharacteristically quiet landmarks. From Machu Picchu to the Colosseum, the crowds will take a little while longer to return in full force. Combined with restrictions on capacity at many places, you can enjoy your bucket-list sights in their full splendor, without jostling with selfie-sticks and large tour groups! You might not have thought of this travel tip, but keep this in mind when choosing where to go on your next getaway. What better reason to make your next trip a trip of a lifetime!

Top travel tip: Bag a bargain travel deal!

travel deals

One of our favourite travel tips is to take advantage of the great travel deals available right now! At Exoticca we want to help you get back to traveling and our Back to Travel deal is bursting with unbelievable adventures at unbeatable prices. Maybe you’re dreaming of tropical shores or want to finally tick the Egyptian Pyramids off of your bucket list? Whatever your travel style, make the most of our Back to Travel deal. Enjoy extra savings on last-minute getaways and dream trips to book for later!

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