Where to go on vacation in South Africa

where to go in South Africa

A vacation in South Africa is high on the lists of all intrepid travellers. There are few places on earth that encompass such diverse and captivating landscapes, rich wildlife and vibrant culture. Covering the tip of the African continent, South Africa offers all kinds of travel experiences. Choose from safaris, golden beach breaks, lush Winelands and much more.  Nevertheless, if you’re planning to travel to this beautiful country, you’ll want to know the best destinations to visit on your vacation in South Africa.


Cape Town

Cape Town - vacation in South Africa

Cape Town is the most popular place to visit in South Africa. Known for its fusion of cultures,  idyllic beaches and trend-setting gastronomic scene Cape Town is eternally popular. After Johannesburg, it’s the second-most populous city in South Africa. Furthermore, Cape Town has been voted as the ‘best city in the world’ on more than one occasion! This colorful city seamlessly combines rich natural environments with cutting-edge culture. Expect high-end shops, trendy galleries and eclectic restaurants.

On the other hand, Cape Town boasts an array of beautiful landscapes. If you travel to Cape Town you can hike Table Mountain, discover the idyllic wineries of Stellenbosch or visit the legendary Cape Point. If you’re looking for wildlife, there are a number of animal reserves within a few hours of the city, so you can even take a safari from Cape Town. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best places to go on vacation in South Africa.

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park

Wildlife lovers cannot travel to South Africa without visiting Kruger National Park.  Kruger is situated in the northeast of the county and is home to the famous ‘Big 5’. It is one of the largest game reserves in Africa. Indeed, travellers from across the globe travel to Kruger to see its amazing array of wildlife. From its famous lion prides to herds of elephants, solitary leopards and majestic rhinos, Kruger National Park is the South Africa of your imagination. Amazingly, the protected area stretches for 19,485 square kilometres and it is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, recognised for its rich flora and fauna and strict anti-poaching rules. If you travel to South Africa you can stay in Kruger National Park at one of the many lodges to be close to the abundant wildlife action!

Garden Route

Garden Route vacation in South Africa

The Garden Route is one of the most popular choices for a vacation to South Africa. An over 200-kilometre stretch of coast, the Garden Route stretches from Witsand in the west, to Tsitsikamma Storms River in the east. Indeed, an area of immense natural beauty, this coastal route encompasses dramatic clifftops, pristine beaches and verdant countryside. You’ll also find numerous vineyards, viewpoints and wildlife along the way! Sandwiched between mountains and the glistening Indian Ocean, the Garden Route is a great destination for a vacation in South Africa. Soak up the wilderness of the Garden Route National Park, admire the glistening waters of Knysna Lagoon and stroll around quiet villages such as charming Belvidere. Furthermore, this region is known for its year-round mild weather.



South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg is a vibrant metropolis and key to the history of this country. Also known as’ Jo-Burg’ or ‘Jozi’, there are countless things to see and do in Johannesburg. Museums, galleries, trendy neighbourhoods and historic buildings make this a great destination for a vacation in South Africa. Furthermore, Johannesburg is a true cultural melting pot and one of the best places to experience city life in South Africa. Whether you want to trace the footsteps of Nelson Mandela in his former township of Soweto or gain a deep insight into South African history at the Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg delivers. Expect brilliant eateries, trendy bars and a buzzing, city atmosphere if you travel to Johannesburg. Furthermore, Johannesburg is a great base for exploring the wilderness of Kruger and northeastern South Africa.



After Cape Town and Johannesburg, Durban is the third-largest city in South Africa.  Situated in KwaZulu-Natal province, this beautiful coastal city is bursting with colonial-era architecture and sea views. Nevertheless, Durban is often forgotten in favour of Cape Town, but the charms of this city shouldn’t be overlooked.  Durban boasts a cosmopolitan vibe, with a large Asian community that make this a unique travel destination. Add golden beaches and an eclectic array of creative restaurants and eateries and you’ll find Durban is a brilliant choice for a vacation in South Africa. Indeed, a city full of culture and a family-friendly favorite of both local and international vacationers.


So now you know the best places to visit in South Africa, where will you choose? Explore our latest trips to South Africa. 

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