Do you have Jet Lag? 10 tricks to avoid the Jet Lag that will save your holidays

avoid the jet lag

If you have decided to go on vacation to a destination with a time difference of more than 5 hours, you will probably suffer Jet Lag. Our body is used to following a routine, these sudden changes make us feel tired, dizzy, lost, sleepy, insomnia, with appetite, without appetite. Do you want to know 10 tricks to avoid the Jet Lag? These tips will save your holidays.

10 tricks to avoid the Jet Lag

Before the flight

  1. PREPARATION. It is very important that you start preparing for the change in schedule that your body will suffer. So, you could do certain things that will help you avoid the Jet Lag. If in your daily life you do not have a very strict routine, it will be a little easier for you. If the opposite happens, try to change your routine a bit to get to the top. How to do it? Try to change the hours of your sleep and your meals one hour closer to the time of your destination. That is, if your trip is to the east and you fell asleep at 10.00 pm, you will start sleeping at 9.00 pm. If your trip is to the west, sleep an hour later. Do the same with your meals. The most advisable thing is that you schedule your flight to reach your destination in the day, so sunlight will keep you active and it will be easier to adapt.
  2. RELAX AND REST. Although it seems that you should concentrate on abruptly changing your schedules. It is best to travel relaxed, rested and without worries. Sleep well before your trip and do not leave details to do at the last minute. The best thing is that your body and mind are calm.

During flight

  1. PUT THE TIME OF YOUR DESTINY. Once on the plane, program your clock and your phone with the time of destination to which you will travel. This way you are exercising your mind to think about the new time in which you will be. Normally in this type of flights, the airlines try to generate an environment of natural light according to the schedules of the destination. So, take advantage of this environment to rest. If you arrive at your destination by day, sleep on the plane.
  2. DRINK WATER AND EAT LITTLE. The most important thing is to stay hydrated. It is perhaps one of the most important points to avoid the Jet Lag. During the flight, drink a lot of water and try to not to eat much outside of the schedule established by the airline. Eat at times when food is delivered on flights. These are the best times to do it, eat, even if you are not hungry at the moment.
  3. AVOID ALCOHOL AND CAFFEINE. Although it may help to relax, drinking alcohol or caffeine is not the best option for a trip of this type. Alcohol will produce dehydration and therefore you will have much more fatigue. Caffeine, on the other hand, could alter sleep patterns.
  4. HAVE A BATH. This could be done during or just after the flight. In case you have a scale, which would be the most advisable, take the opportunity to take a good bath. Refreshing will make you feel much better. In case you do not have stops, go take a bath just arrived at your destination.

After landing

  1. ENJOY THE NATURAL LIGHT. The best thing you can do is arrive during the day to your new destination. Make the most of the daylight, so you avoid the Jet Lag. The sun will keep you active, so do not get locked up. Take a walk, enjoy a park, do outdoor activities.
  2. THE HOUR OF MEALS. The best way to adapt is to eat well during the meal time of the place you visit. Wherever you go, do what you see, there is no better way to say it. Eat three times a day in the hours that the people of the place you visit eat. You may not have an appetite at first but eating at the right time will help you feel better.
  3. SLEEP AT THE TIME OF SLEEPING. Okay, we understand that you get tired after a long trip and would like to take a nap. But if you really want to avoid the Jet Lag, it is best that you do not take any before bedtime. Sleep at night, enjoy the day and do not nap.
  4. DO EXERCISE. Walk, stretch, go for walks, run a little. Exercising will activate endorphins that will make you feel better. You can also do it during the flight. Walk the plane, stretch a little, change positions.

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