Top 8 winter trips | What to do during the winter?


Going on vacation is not just for summer! Discover a few destinations where you can travel in winter and discover Europe without spending too much. Yes, you can stop daydreaming about summer vacation. just take one of these 8 winter trips and make your life more joyful.

The best European winter trips that you cannot miss

1.- Bath: Roman baths in the United Kingdom

Bath is a city in the west of England that stands out for its honey-coloured Georgian architecture. It makes the perfect destination not just for one, but for many different winter trips.  You can enjoy the Roman baths as a couple of you can make the trip a literary adventure and follow the steps of Jane Austen. Obviously, the Roman baths are the main attraction of this picturesque city (hence its name). They are in the city centre and you will surely have to wait in line to get in, but it’s worth it. Do not forget to order an afternoon tea at a tea room!

2.- Tromsø: in search of the aurora borealis

Are you looking for winter trips that make a perfect couple getaway? Tromsø is a perfect destination! This city is located at the northernmost point of continental Norway, making it ideal for contemplating the northern lights.  It is also one of the best places for a different vacation. Warm up in a traditional refuge and climb a cable car to see the amazing northern lights. Calm, nature, beautiful landscapes and your love. That´s all you need.

3. Zagreb: a gastronomic paradise

Zagreb may not be the first city that comes to mind when planning winter trips. However, the Croatian capital has one of the best Christmas markets in Europe and is a paradise for lovers of gastronomy. In the Hrelic market, you can try delicacies of all kinds, including eggs in chilli and frog wrapped in cured ham. If it’s cold, take refuge in one of the many bars on Tkalčićeva Street for a pint of local beer.

4. Baden-Baden: warm up in the thermal baths

Let us insist on thermal baths. We are talking about winter trips and, therefore, we need to make sure you keep nice and warm. You will find Baden-Baden in the southwest of Germany. This city was a place of rest for the European bourgeoisie of the nineteenth century and is perfect for you to enjoy a romantic getaway now that the cold arrives. Relax in the waters of the thermal baths of Carcasalla Spa. Feel like a Victorian lord or lady (without the disadvantages) and come back to your daily life with no trace of stress.

5. Vilnius: authentic medieval beauty

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, a country that in 2018 celebrates the centenary of its independence. The medieval beauty of this city makes it increasingly popular, so we recommend you travel this winter before it is full of tourists, the prices rise and the place loses their authenticity. You will find narrow cobblestone streets, city landscape that will take you to a fairyland and a completely different place without leaving Europe.

6. Gothenburg: a charming winter vacation

What do you think of Gothenburg for an urban getaway this winter? Sweden is great, but Stockholm is usually crowded, even during the coldest months. On the contrary, Gothenburg is a cosy destination for almost any kind of winter trips. Visit Liseberg, one of the largest theme parks in Scandinavia. It has a special Christmas market during the last months of the year. Do not miss out on the Feskekôrka, a mecca for seafood lovers.

7. Poznan: ideal for a winter weekend

Poznan is a perfect city for those who look for different winter trips. This Polish city has the ideal size to enjoy a weekend trip full of culture, gastronomy and, of course, cheap Polish beer. Stroll through the beautiful streets of the old town and the Market Square, and treat yourself to some of the delicatessen and confectionery shops along the way. If you are a sweet lover, a must visit is the Croissant Museum, dedicated to the croissant of San Martín, a tradition in the region.

8. Tallinn: a very photogenic winter getaway

Prepare the suitcase with warm clothes and do not forget the camera, since in Tallinn you can enjoy a winter getaway from a fairy tale. In the coldest months of the year, the snow-covered churches and the cobbled streets of Tallinn are worthy of a romantic novel. Also, do not miss Telliskivi Loomelinnak, a fashionable place, full of bars, cafes and markets.

As you can see, Europe is a continent full of charming cities to visit during winter. If you can´t decide which of these winter trips is the most suitable fot you, just give as a call and we will try to give you our best advice. You don’t have to wait until  Summer. Travel now with Exoticca!

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