Interesting facts about Poland

When is the best time to visit Poland

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If you still don’t know the best time to travel to Poland, you should know that this country has a continental-oceanic climate. This means that the winters are quite cold and the summers are mild. In turn, the climate varies within Poland, depending on the most western regions compared to...

biggest churches in the world

Do you want to know which are the biggest churches in the world?


There are unique buildings around the world that sometimes go unnoticed. Places full of magic that mark a moment in history and that remind us of the greatness of the human being. The biggest churches in the world are a reflection of the passage of man through different generations. Many...

cheapest destinations in Europe

The cheapest destinations in Europe


Exploring the cheapest destinations in Europe is a way to get to know some of the most beautiful places on the continent with the best budget. There are destinations that you can enjoy to the fullest as Budapest, the capital of Hungary; or Krakow, in Poland. These are cities with...

What to see in Poland: a country from a fairy tale


Poland is an all too often under-rated country to visit. From bustling urban centers to quaint medieval towns that look like they are from a Polish fairy tale, you can be quite surprised. So join us as we travel into a storybook and lay out what to do and see...