Norway: the land of the Vikings

Vikings, the television series created by Michael Hirst for The History Channel, has seeded the seed of curiosity for the story of one of the medieval civilization most feared for their attacks: the Vikings. We review today some of the lands conquered by these warriors and explorers of the sea, sons of Odin. Como with us to Norway: the land of the Vikings.

The fjords: Viking kingdom and mythology on the land of the Vikings

The Vikings were very fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes on Earth: the Norwegian fjords. For this Scandinavian people, Mother Nature was born from the body of a dead giant. Hence, the Earth is made of its flesh. The oceans correspond to its blood and sweat and the clouds are its brains. The bones of the giant formed the fjords hills, his teeth are now the reefs and his hair all the vegetation. Nordic mythology transports us to a world that we can visit if we take a train to Stavanger.  As part of the land of the Vikings, the Stavanger region boasts many natural attractions, including the Lysefjordfjord, the Sola beach and the world famous Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock). Preikestolen is located 604 meters above sea level and is the most visited attraction in the county of Rogaland. Lonely Planet named it one of the most spectacular viewing platforms in the world.

Borgund: a temple with Viking roots

The land of the Viking still preserves some ancient temples. Borgund is considered the medieval wooden church among the medieval wooden churches. It is the most authentic of them all, featuring five stories, just like oriental pagodas. It also incorporates galleries, arched blazons and cladding in the roofs and walls. The medieval wooden church of Borgund has often been used as a model when restoring other churches of these characteristics. This beautiful building from around 1180 is richly decorated with dragon heads, other animal designs and vine-shaped ornamentation. The medieval interior of the church seems to be almost intact. The wooden floor and the benches next to the walls of the nave have also been partially preserved in their original state.

Oslo Viking Ships Museum

The land of the Vikings couldn’t forget their most famous means of transport: the Drakkars. This museum shows the best preserved Viking ships in the world

The ships were found in three large royal tombs, near to the Oslo fjord. There they were buried more than 1100 years ago to transport their real owners to the realm of the dead. Vikingtiden lever (Viking times are back), is exhibited throughout the day on the roof and inside walls of the museum. The museum also shows the wonderful findings made in the tombs: small boats, sleds and the only car from the Viking era. You can also see fabrics and household objects. The museum shop has a good offer of souvenirs. You will enjoy two museums on the same ticket. Use the ticket of the Viking Ship Museum to enter the Historical Museum free of charge for 48 hours.

Trekking in the land of the Vikings

At the end of spring in Norway, the rays of sunlight dot the landscape and make the snow of the mountains retreat to make way for the vegetation and flowers after the winter break. After a long winter, people of all ages enjoy the outdoors and go hiking in the mountains, along with the coast, or in the woods. 

There is a very wide range of scenic possibilities, including marked routes and trails, popular tourist attractions, or wild and mythical landscapes. Norway, the land of the Vikings, has earned a deserved reputation in Europe as an important destination for hiking. Some classic examples of challenging hiking trails are Preikestolen, Trolltunga, Galdhøpiggen, Besseggen and Romsdalseggen.


It takes some courage to swim in the Norwegian Sea and we will understand that you pass on this one. The landscape is breathtaking, though. White sand beaches, like Bore, or Orre. Stavanger is also a very popular coast destiny for Norwegians. An experience that you will remember because of the contrasts. Just remember that the land of the Vikings developed very strong characters. And there are not many sunny days a year, so people do the best they can. Anyway, go to the beach and take beautiful photos of the grey skies and dark waters. You will see where the color palette for the Nordic decoration style comes from.

Norway is much more than this few places. If you travel far North you might be able to see the Aurora Borealis, a natural set of fireworks with astonishing colors. Just pay us a visit first and we will look for the best travel experience we can give you.

Travel to Norway with Exoticca

Travel to Norway with Exoticca


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