17 curiosities of Ethiopia that you should know before going

curiosities of ethiopia

When we hear about Ethiopia, the first thing that comes to mind is poverty. Unfortunately, we have in our collective imagination a sad image of what that country is. The famine that the African country lived in the 80s and that left us images of starvation in children and adults, has made us blind our eyes and we cannot see beyond.

To discover the curiosities of Ethiopia is to encounter riches that are not explored by prejudice.

That is why this type of articles exist. Make visible the wonders so that you dare to have unique trips Here we bring you 17 curiosities of Ethiopia that you should know before going.

About the country, general data of Ethiopia

Ethiopia or Abyssinia: Although its official name is the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, at some point its name was Abyssinia. Also called the Ethiopian Empire, it was a kingdom that encompassed what is now Ethiopia and Eritrea. You cannot stay without discovering the secrets of the Omo valley and ancient Abyssinia.

Overpopulation: Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa, surpassed only by Nigeria. It has a population of 102 million inhabitants, of which 70% are Christian, 29% Muslim and 1% have traditional beliefs.

A calendar of its own: One of the curiosities of Ethiopia is that they use their own calendar, based on the ancient Alexandrian calendar and start the year on September 11.

A capital of height: The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa, is one of the 4 highest capitals in the world, it is located at 3000 meters above sea level. In addition, it is the second city with more embassies in the world, surpassed only by Geneva.

An untamable region: This is one of the most interesting data of Ethiopia, it was the only country in Africa that was not colonized. What has allowed him to keep his own language the Amharic. For 10 years he suffered an occupation at the hands of Mussolini’s Italy, which he started in 1935.

Religion in Ethiopia

It is surprising that, in addition to its geographical location and that it was never colonized, Ethiopia is a mostly Christian town. However, Christianity came here from its beginnings and, in fact, the Ethiopian people have a lot to do with religion.

Ethiopia is the land of the Queen of Sheba: The Queen of Sheba is one of the most important characters of the old testament. Who came to Jerusalem to meet King Solomon from Sheba, what is now known as Aksum, a city in northern Ethiopia.

King Baltasar is Ethiopian: The Queen of Sheba and King Solomon had a son named Menelik. From this king, Menelik descended the Ethiopian king Bazen, or as he is known according to the stories of the Bible, Baltasar. You can visit Baltasar’s tomb in the city of Aksum with a guided tour.

Lalibela a holy city: The city has 12 incredible rock-carved churches. It is considered the second holy city of Ethiopia after Aksum.

The ark of the covenant is in Ethiopia: Ethiopia has a lot to do with the old testament, the evidence is too much. Some say that the ark of the covenant, which is believed lost, is safe and guarded in the holy city of Ethiopia, Aksum.

The birth of the Rastafarian movement: Maybe you could imagine that the Rastafarian movement started in Jamaica. But it’s not like that, it’s the fascinating thing about travel, you learn a lot from each place. And these curiosities from Ethiopia help you understand some events in history.

Falasha a Jewish community: This is the only black Jewish community that exists in the world. However, they are very discriminated in Israel and in Ethiopia they live in conditions of extreme poverty.

From the first humans to the most authentic tribes

Lucy, the first woman is Ethiopian: The first modern homo sapiens were discovered in Ethiopia.

Omo Valley: In this place, you can find the most authentic tribes in the world. They remain intact and avoid contact with the rest of humanity.

Other curiosities of Ethiopia

The hottest place on earth: It is located in Ethiopia; it is the desert of Danakil. In this place temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius are reached.

Gondor of The Lord of the Rings: The fictitious kingdom created by J. R. R. Tolkien is inspired by Gondar, the former imperial capital of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia and Cuba: During the years when communism was the economic model of the country, Ethiopia made very good relations with Cuba, so many Ethiopians received free education on the Caribbean island.

Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia: Although many other countries take away all the coffee credits. Such as Colombia or Vietnam, few know that their properties were discovered by shepherds in Ethiopia.

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