Don’t you know what to do in Zanzibar? We discovered it

what to do in Zanzibar

Just 36 kilometers off the coast of Tanzania, there is a tropical island that has become the favorite destination of many. A destination of sun and beach very close to the African coast to combine the rest of this tropical paradise with the safaris of the African continent on your adventure trips. It’s time for you to enjoy this paradise and that your only question is What to do in Zanzibar? And best of all, in this post, we are going to give you some information about the island so you can discover it with us.

Zanzibar has become one of the most acclaimed destinations in the African Indian Ocean. And it is not for less, its climate, its spectacular beaches, a list of lodgings for all the tastes and all the prices.

What to do in Zanzibar? We discovered it

Get to know the old town of Stone Town

The city of stone is the most important tourist city on the island. It is the center of tourism and one of the essentials in Zanzibar. The old town is a World Heritage Site and is well known for the doors of their homes, many of them handcrafted.

Enjoy the sunset at the port of Stone Town

Write it down on your list of things of what to do in Zanzibar. A spectacular place to end the day, recharge your batteries with an incredible sunset. The port of Stone Town is very visited by young people at this time of day. It will be very common for you to see young people taking a bath and having fun in the water.

The Stone Town market

Markets are special places to learn a bit about the culture of the places that you visit. Absolutely all kinds of products are sold in this place. From the basic market for the locals, as a place of sale of spices for tourists.

The Rock Restaurant

A restaurant in the middle of the beach that has gained great prestige. A place you should visit in your trip to Tanzania.

Cross to the island of Pemba

Zanzibar is composed of several islands, one of which is the island of Pemba. This island is the second in size and is an even more paradisiacal place to explore. It stays natural and is rarely visited, so it could be a good destination for your tour of grand Wildlife Parks and Zanzibar scape.

Jozani Forest

With a guided tour of two or three hours and an entrance fee of about 8 euros, you can visit this forest that is undoubtedly one of the activities of what to do in Zanzibar. Here you can find the red colobus monkeys that are in danger of extinction.

Swim with dolphins

Generally, the tourist places of tropical beaches offer much this option. However, here we propose something much more friendly. Swim with dolphins in freedom. In this activity you can go swimming with the dolphins fulfilling some rules, you should not touch them or feed them.

Meet Matemwe, Jambiani or Paje

Sometimes it is necessary to get away from the tourist destinations. You could know a lot about the culture of the locals traveling to one of these towns.

Spice Tour

Zanzibar is the island of spices, and without a doubt, you must make a tour where they teach you the characteristics of many of the spices that are processed there.

Transport yourself in Dalla-Dalla

The Dalla-Dalla is a vehicle used in Zanzibar as public transport. Your adventure through Tanzanian lands is not complete without using one of these vehicles.

The best beaches in Zanzibar

Nungwi Beach

This beach is the most tourist of all. This would be the right place for you to disconnect from everything and enjoy your vacation. The beach is very large, and you can live a moment of rest without equal. Also, if you like to snorkel, this is the right place in Zanzibar.

Kendua Beach

Crystal clear waters on a large and quiet beach. For travelers, this is perhaps the best beach in Zanzibar. Because of its location, this beach is a good place to watch the sunset.

Bwenjuu Beach

Located in the east of Zanzibar, this beach is far from all the hustle and bustle of tourism. Being a much less visited place, you breathe peace and harmony. If calm is your thing, this Zanzibar beach is right for you.

Pongwe Beach

If you want to have an intermediate in your list of things of what to do in Zanzibar and want to enjoy the quiet beaches, but with some tourism, this is the indicated beach. It is not as desolate as Bewnjuu beach but not as full of tourists as the beaches of the north. Here you will enjoy the perfect balance.

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