Interesting facts about United Arab Emirates

When is the best time to visit United Arab Emirates

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The best time to travel to the United Arab Emirates is definitely not summer, the thermometer at this time of year can reach 40ºC. In addition, due to its geographical position and climate, humidity is very high so the heat can be suffocating. When to travel to the United Arab...

Curiosities of Dubai

23 curiosities of Dubai | Discover the city of gold


Dubai is one of the places that can surprise you the most. A completely different world, between luxury, gold, and extravagances. Here you can find people with a lot of money walking with wild animals as pets. As well as being in a building where the day lasts longer than...

best destinations for couple trips

The 10 best destinations for couple trips | Love is in the air


Love is in the air, and there are destinies that know about this. Enchanting places that can reinforce love as a couple and that make the flame of love grow exponentially. These destinations that can become the best honeymoon trips make our dream of the perfect holiday next to the...

Dubai mosques

Dubai mosques that you should know


Tourism to the UAE has increased dramatically in recent years. All these thanks to the incredible luxury alternatives offered by cities such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Dubai has become a commercial center, a luxury tourist destination and a city of open doors, open minds. This is what the city...