Interesting facts about Nepal

most beautiful mountains in the world

The most beautiful mountains in the world


The most beautiful mountains in the world are some of the most mysterious and magical sights in the world. Mountains have always held a certain mystic allure. Rising to towering peaks above the earth’s surface, in many culture mountains are the source of folklore and legends. From beautiful snowy mountains...

When is the best time to visit Nepal

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Designating the best time to travel to Nepal isn’t easy, given that this country has regions with very diverse altitudes.  It also depends on the type of trip you want to go on, it isn’t the same doing sports as discovering medieval villages, or visiting for religious reasons.  All of...

what to see in kathmandu

Don’t you know what to see in Kathmandu? Meet the Nepal


Chaos, culture, temples, pollution … These are some of the words that come to mind when you think of Kathmandu. The capital of Nepal is much smaller than the others of the Asian capitals. However, the organized chaos that you see in any other city of this continent, you will...

elephants having a bath

What to see in Nepal: the summit of the world


Nepal is a tiny country, cloaked in mystery. It has achieved a level of fame for being one of the first stops on any attempt to summit Everest. However, there is much more to see in Nepal, aside from its legendary mountain range. Read on for more of what this...

nepal the spiritual capital

Things to do in Kathmandu: The Spiritual Capital


Kathmandu, the capital of the spiritual and high-altitude Nepal, is like a medieval time capsule. In the busy seasons, it can be a charmingly chaotic mass of intrepid tourists and busy locals, whose population is growing rapidly. It is by far the biggest and most diverse city in Nepal, home...