Interesting facts about Finland

What is a sustainable tour? Eco-travel destinations

What is a sustainable tour? Top eco-travel destinations!


Want to make your travel plans more eco-friendly but don’t know how to choose a sustainable tour? The climate and our impact on the environment are at the top of our collective worries these days. Although travel is an incredible tool for learning and discovery, if we can be a...

Best places to travel in December

Best places to visit in December: amazing winter getaways


Already planning your winter getaway? Then you’ll want to know the best places to visit in December, one of the most popular months for winter travel. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you might be longing for a sun-drenched escape from the chill of winter. Alternatively, perhaps you’re looking...

When is the best time to visit Finland

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The best time to travel to Finland is any time that avoids the winter, which happens to be the longest season. The north of the country is covered with snow for six months of the year, and the south for almost four. Temperatures vary from one region to another, but...

where to travel in January

Where to travel in January

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There are many recommended places to travel to in January. Great trips are not reserved for just the summer. Although for many, January is the month in which we leave the Christmas holidays behind with some sadness, and we resign ourselves to spending the weekends at home wrapped in a...

Top Five Sustainable Cities

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Sustainable cities that are winning the war on carbon emissions...

Christmas Holiday Destinations


Want to escape your mother-in-law’s looming presence when basting the turkey? Does uncle Derek and his outrageously un-PC comments make you long for January? Here at Exoticca, we’ve compiled a list of our best Christmas holiday destinations to rescue you from the perils of Yuletide.  Scandinavia It is common knowledge...

Finnish customs

Finnish customs that you should know before traveling


Before knowing a new travel destination, it is very important that you know more about their culture and their customs. Being informed is the best way to prepare for a culture shock that might surprise you. However, there is nothing better than knowing firsthand how the locals of the place...

finnish sauna

Finnish sauna and tips to enjoy it as a real Finnish?


When we think of visiting Finland there are two or three things that come to mind. The first one might be the northern lights in Lapland. The second one is probably the Finnish sauna. One of the traditions of this country that most attract our attention. And, probably, also one of...

Santa Claus in Lapland

Feel the magic of Christmas in Lapland with Santa Claus


If you are looking for the most authentic spot on Earth to spend this winter holidays, you have to try to spend Christmas in Lapland. This is a country with  56,789 inhabitants, 34,567 reindeer, 749 hills, possibly 6 or 9 elves and of course 1 Santa Claus. Let us present...