5 Best Safaris in Africa

best safaris in Africa

Searing plains dotted with spritely gazelle, earth-shaking grey giants, and majestic lions reclining under acacia trees –  safari excursions are a dream escape for any true lover of nature. Millions around the globe flock to Africa every year to see the “Big Five” of lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and Cape buffalo. With a wealth of options to witness nature’s battle for survival, choosing the best safari in Africa can be a tad difficult. 

Here at Exoticca we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to go on safaris in Africa to stop you dreaming and start you doing. 

Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya

Masai Mara national Reserve

Straddling the Tanzania-Kenya border, The Masai Mara National Reserve is one of Kenya’s most famous safari destinations. Stretching over 600 square miles, this reserve is teeming with elegant giraffes, monstrous hippos, The Big Five, and even a few critically endangered black rhinos. Head here in Autumn to catch a glimpse of the Great Migration: over 1.5 million animals marauding together in search of fresh grazing pastures.

Kruger National Park

safari in Kruger

Laying at the southern tip of Africa this national park is one of the largest and oldest hunting reserves in South Africa. Swathed in legend and studded with natural gems, this park boasts over 6 ecosystems buzzing with vibrant zebras and rapid cheetahs peering out from dusty golden fields. Home to over 500 species of birds, crocodiles and the astounding landscapes of the UNESCO protected  Kruger Canyon, witness all its glory from April to September at the end of the unforgiving dry season.

The Serengeti, Tanzania

Serengueti, Tanzania

This celebrity of a national park welcomes guests with never ending pastures peppered with gigantic herds of wildebeest grazing under the formidable African sun. Meaning endless plains in the Maasai language, the 12,000 square miles of the Serengeti more than lives up to its name. Not only famous for its inhabitants of the Big Five, this large chunk of Africa is also home to Olduvai Gorge, AKA the Cradle of Mankind where human remains dating back 1.75 million years have been discovered. The ideal time for safari excursions is around early summer, when the hordes of the Great Migration start to cross its vast lands.

Murchison Falls, Uganda


The thundering White Nile tears through the luscious green forestal homes of silverback gorillas in Uganda’s largest nature reserve. Kabalega Falls dazzles with its surging waters plunging to depths 140ft below. Crocodiles and hippos dwell in the turbulent waters and is best visited between the months of July and August. 

Etosha Namibia


Boasting a salt pan so large it can be seen from space along with its malaria-free status, Etosha National Park prides itself on its uniqueness. Abundant watering holes lined with an abundant range of exotic life also quench the thirst of another elusive African giant: the extremely rare black rhino. Weighing over one and a half tonnes, these imposing giants are unfortunately critically endangered due to poaching and habitat loss.

Pack the umbrella as the rainy season is tipped as the best time to plan an adventure in Etosha; its seasonal deluges ensure the grounds are teeming with fauna for its array of monstrous herbivores.

Be more adventurous than exploring the beach bar cocktail list on your next holiday and join us on one of our life changing safaris.

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