4th of July celebrations around the world

4th of July Celebrations Around the World

With the annual 4th of July celebrations in full swing, did you know that the United States is not the only country to mark this occasion? Around the world, American ex-pats and locals alike come together today to commemorate Independence Day! In fact, there are large American communities that host celebrations in countries across the world. This important day is a federal holiday in the United States, and typical celebrations include fireworks, barbecues, family reunions and, of course, plenty of red, white and blue decorations! So, if you’re on vacation and don’t want to miss out on this year’s festivities, here’s where you can find the best 4th of July celebrations around the world.

Rebild, Denmark

Nestled in the north of Denmark is the rural town of Rebild. This small settlement is said to hold the largest 4th of July celebrations outside of the United States! Whilst surprising, the reason for this is due to the fact that many of the former residents immigrated to the US in the 19th century, before returning home in later years. Therefore, many American traditions and festivities have survived here. The 4th of July celebrations are so famous, that even US Presidents have joined the people of Rebild to mark this special occasion in the past! You can expect the full works of fireworks, American songs and barbecue foods, combined with Danish influences. Known as Rebildfest, this 4th of July celebration is the most famous outside of America.

New Ross, Ireland

Just as Americans love St. Patrick’s Day, so the Irish come out to mark the occasion on the 4th of July! Ireland and the United States have long shared an important connection. Therefore, it is no surprise that the 4th of July celebrations in Ireland are among the largest in the world.  Although celebrations take place across the country, particularly in the larger cities, the southern town of New Ross, near Waterford, holds the biggest festival, known as Irish America Day. The occasion includes a reading of the Declaration of Independence and a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party. Of course, this is followed by a fantastic fireworks display and barbeques.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney - 4th of July Celebrations

The largest 4th of July celebrations in the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney marks this special occasion in style! The celebrations are concentrated in the Darling Harbour area and include American food, a fireworks spectacular and plenty of games, drinks and raffles. The event is organised by the Sydney Americans groups and attracts huge crowds of both ex-pats and locals. Wearing red, white and blue is mandatory and, despite the geographical distance between Australia and the US, this celebration would make any American holiday-maker feel right at home!

Oslo, Norway

Oslo - 4th of July celebrations

For more than 30 years, the Norwegian capital has marked the occasion of American Independence. This annual 4th of July celebration includes live music, parades, traditional food and much more. Of course, like any good 4th of July party, the festivity also includes a large fireworks display! The focal point for these celebrations is Frogner Park. Here, families and groups of friends gather to enjoy American-themed revelry, from cheerleading shows to watermelon-eating contests! The American Coordinating Council of Norway is responsible for organising the party, designed for locals and American ex-pats alike.

On the other hand, the Norwegian city of Lillestrøm marks this special day with an Amcar parade. Car enthusiasts dust off their traditional American cars and drive them through the city streets. Thousands gather to watch the spectacle, which includes many rare vintage cars as well as live music and, of course, American food!

London, England

London - 4th of July Celebrations

As a global city, it’s no surprise that London puts on an array of Independence Day celebrations. The city’s restaurants, bars and hotels host an array of different events to mark the occasion. From ticketed parties with live music to the annual Democrats Abroad picnic in Portman Square, there’s plenty to choose from if you’re spending the 4th of July in the British capital! Another option is to pay a visit to the house of Benjamin Franklin. The former home of the founding father, celebrations here includes free building tours, quizzes, cake and balloons.

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